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Review from cliff
Red Velvet 241 events 55 reviews

Sixth time I have attended, with different guests each time. I have also gifted tickets to friends I when I cannot attend. Each and every show is filled with humor and incredible numbers. This show has varied themes (within the Disneyverse) with...continued

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Ari R.
Review from Ari R.
Red Velvet 67 events 17 reviews

It wasn’t a magical Disney experience. The host is a bit mean spirited. He messes up singer’s names and jokes that he doesn’t care if he got it right or not. I get it’s his schtick but you can’t do that to a performer. Their name means everything....continued

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Jim H.
Review from Jim H.
Red Velvet 37 events 4 reviews

BroadwAy Sings Disney used to be one of my favorite shows, and the creativity and quality of the singers used to be very high. The sound people and singers seem to only know “loud”, and piano overpowers on most numbers the last few visits. One...continued

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Ray Q.
Review from Ray Q.
397 events 367 reviews

Rockwell does better with these concert performances than it does with its original musicals because the singers really do have strong voices. That means the concerts are just like dinner with live musical accompaniment, and the singers were...continued

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Review from Vera
144 events 75 reviews

Metro close (take the elevator, stairs are a killer) only 3 blocks from Metro (Vermont/Sunset Sta). Nice venue, courteous staff, most enjoyable entertainment! Thanks Peter & Kate~

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Review from culvercityjill
71 events 36 reviews

If you've never been to a show at Rockwell I highly recommend it. It's a great venue. For Disney night it was fun to hear a variety of songs & not know what was coming next. Of course everyone had a great voice. Just be sure you know that if...continued

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Love Hearts
Review from Love Hearts
90 events 35 reviews

Overall enjoyable evening. The food was good and the singers excellent. I wish the song selection had included more of the Disney hits.

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Review from Sal
33 events 27 reviews

I believe when we are labeled Goldstar visitors we usually get the not so great seats. With that said I have used Goldstar before at Rockwell and were seated in a better location then this time around even though we were in the venue 45 minutes...continued

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Review from Robyn
46 events 13 reviews

Every performer was amazing. The piano player incredible. The MC so funny. Loved the "I Want to be a Disney Princess" song. But the show was soooooo short. The show ended after 9 or 10 songs. Our group looked at each other and said "that's it?" A...continued

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Review from wilwhimsey
20 events 12 reviews

It was a fun show with great voices and Disney songs familiar and obscure. And of course Chef Wayne's food is always excellent.

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Nicole Albers
Review from Nicole Albers
17 events 11 reviews

It was ok. The singers were great and very talented. The club was alright. 2 item minimum can equal a hefty tab. Also, be prepared to be seated with other guests. You might have to get cozy with some strangers.

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Julie Beltran
Review from Julie Beltran
49 events 11 reviews

The voices were wonderful and the song selection was good for anything after 1988. It seemed like an ego-fest of talent though. It was, "He's in this. She's in this." (even though some titles were comedic) and it was full of singers who were...continued

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Review from hi_mav
12 events 10 reviews

Had such a blast. A must for Disney and musical theater fans alike!

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Zachary Mendoza
Review from Zachary Mendoza
12 events 5 reviews

The show itself is great! the performers are the usual performers at Rockwell from their other shows at their venue and they are all amazing! All the disney fans will enjoy the music selections. I love that every show they have different...continued

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Review from CatRahm
18 events 4 reviews

It's a pretty nice place, with reasonably priced valet parking. The seating is a bit cramped and the food/booze prices are a little on the high side for the quality, but reasonably good. The talent was all top notch, but the sound system was quite...continued

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Review from coacher55
26 events 4 reviews

The artists could definitely sing. However, it would have been nice to know that the playlist was Disney villain songs - not exactly my cup of tea. We were the only people sitting on our side of the venue & somehow it took 40 minutes for our...continued

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Todd Martens
Review from Todd Martens
7 events 4 reviews

The show was GREAT, as are all performances at Rockwell... but the restaurant service was beyond bad. Our waiter seemed to suffering a rotten night and dished out his sullen, lazy mood to our party of six. Skip the food and lazy waiters... go to...continued

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Brandon Moore
Review from Brandon Moore
6 events 3 reviews

An amazing evening of talent, great food and yummy drinks. This is a must do if you are looking for a night out.

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Kandy Paredes
Review from Kandy Paredes
7 events 3 reviews

It was fun! But, I do have to say that the 2 drink and food minimum is overpriced for what you get. It's a valet parking venue only. I would totally recommend watching shows here. Very talented people that go on stage!

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Review from Joybeatles
76 events 3 reviews

This was such a fun show with incredibly talented and funny singers. I highly recommend this show as a great night for any Disney lover!

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