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Review from amaryllis
Red Velvet 102 events 71 reviews

Very funny stuff! Lots of laughs. Some of it was a tad esoteric, and was lost on the non Canuck who accompanied me. For the most part, though, the humor is pretty accessible. I had a blast.

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Mister Mitch
Review from Mister Mitch
Red Velvet 107 events 53 reviews

Being from Detroit and spending a lot of time in Canada I was really looking forward to this and it didn't disappoint.

With the basic concept, with of course a liberal perspective, it was basically about how Canadians know everything about the...continued

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carmen paul
Review from carmen paul
208 events 163 reviews

Despite the fact that there were only about 9 people in the audience, the show was funny and entertaining. We had great seats and a lot of laughs.

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Nicole C.
Review from Nicole C.
87 events 34 reviews

the guys and gals were talented, but i thought the whole sketch show was going to be about canada/canadians and only two or three sketches were. (out of maybe 15?) that was a bummer. but i appreciated the fun pin we got after - of a red maple leaf...continued

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Mark Wands
Review from Mark Wands
112 events 31 reviews

Very funny

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Mike Sandler
Review from Mike Sandler
93 events 24 reviews

Great show. We laughed a lot

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Review from MaddieB
49 events 13 reviews

one of the funniest and most clever things you will ever see. these actors are off the hook talented and just so engaging.. Well written, face hurting funny and just a total fun experience. I've seen it three times now. GO

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Review from tonirific
42 events 11 reviews

I had nine people in my group and we were all DELIGHTED with this HILARIOUS show! It's fast-paced with a great cast. I think it's only playing one more Saturday, and if you can get there, you won't be disappointed.

One tip, however: HAVE THE...continued

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Review from P-Mo
9 events 4 reviews

Small, intimate theater. The show was EXCELLENT!! Didn't know what to expect, but all 3 of us were very impressed by the acting and the skits. There were 2 understudies that night and they were phenomenal!! I HIGHLY recommend this show, whether...continued

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Review from Ayumi
5 events 3 reviews

At the end of your show I felt the same way as I did after seeing Philip Seymour Hoffman in Death of a Salesman. Speechless. Best show I’ve seen in LA period, and best sketch/improv show I’ve seen EVER. I’ve gotta see it again and I can’t wait.I...continued

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Richie Selva
Review from Richie Selva
15 events 2 reviews

Funny, witty commentary on the sad state of affairs today.
Definitely on point!

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Review from 2travelto
12 events 2 reviews

I expected more Canadian content. 3/4 was American content. Title was misleading

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Anna George
Review from Anna George
6 events 1 review

Absolutely loved this show! Hilarious, relevant and fun!

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Renee Koff Saifer
Review from Renee Koff Saifer
6 events 1 review

fabulous and sooo funny. very talented people performing well crafted vignettes about Canada and today’s politics. i saw this twice and loved it both times.

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Osiris Thomas-Miller
Review from Osiris Thomas-Miller
2 events 1 review

Gave me everything I was looking for and more! Must see for a good laugh!

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Rish Mack
Review from Rish Mack
4 events 1 review

Hilarious!! Would recommend.

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Review from Rhonda
2 events 1 review

I was hoping for a fun night with a lot of Canadian content and mockery. Unfortunately, there was one or two skits on topic and most of the rest were focused on bashing right wing politics. I welcome that, but I could have stayed home and watched...continued

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Laura Devlin
Review from Laura Devlin
7 events 1 review

Really talented performers. Really enjoyed it.

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