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Stephen DeCordova
Review from Stephen DeCordova
Red Velvet 92 events 62 reviews

Tim Allen delivered a brilliant 60-minute set! He was sharp, energetic, entertaining and hilarious! And the Laugh Factory is a terrific comedy venue: intimate, and drawing a crowd that loves comedy...and they don't hit you up for more than 2...continued

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Review from cardiff5
Red Velvet 149 events 61 reviews

This man is razor sharp, in wit and in timing. One of the GREAT Stand-Up acts!

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Review from Darlene
Red Velvet 90 events 53 reviews

Wonderful! All the comics were funny and entertaining however Tim Allen brought tears
of joy to our eyes. Hilarious!! What a great evening! His personality from all his movies and TV shows shine through...
5 Stars

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Jane Britten
Review from Jane Britten
Red Velvet 46 events 5 reviews

Wonderful event, bought the vip tickets and it was worth it to not have to wait in line for a long time or to stand during the comedy set (you get first pick of seating with VIP). Food was limited but not terrible.

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Alexandria R.
Review from Alexandria R.
Red Velvet 36 events 1 review

The content was more political than expected. Lots of cheap shots.

The Priority Admission offer for The Laugh Factory is a waste of money as the "VIP section" is larger than the General Admission section. You don't receive reserved seating and...continued

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carmen paul
Review from carmen paul
197 events 153 reviews

I liked the comedians, but unforunately when we arrived they gave us seats in the balcony where there was standing room only. It was difficult to enjoy because people were seated in front of me and I had to keep shifting my head from one side to...continued

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Aileen May Steen Nepomuceno-Hoffman
Review from Aileen May Steen Nepomuceno-Hoffman
24 events 18 reviews

Tim Allen is the best!

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Carla Araujo
Review from Carla Araujo
16 events 13 reviews

Amazing!!! Great experience and I will definitely watch again !!! Perfect

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Carole Tomanelli
Review from Carole Tomanelli
26 events 7 reviews

Tim was sooo entertaining. Love his comedic performance. Not so happy with the actual seating in the Laugh Factory. What I did not understand was how the order went for admission. With general admission, they made you wait in line twice. We...continued

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Review from pinkosho
22 events 6 reviews

For an hour I couldn’t stop laughing!!! Witty and funny as heck .
Go go go !

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Nice Guy
Review from Nice Guy
16 events 5 reviews

Outstanding!!! In the current world of hyper sensitivity over PC thoughts or language Tim's act is an outlet to our pent up feelings to "tell it as it is". Despite our various views of the world Tim brings laughter to reality. Our group loved...continued

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Jeff Levine
Review from Jeff Levine
30 events 5 reviews

The only down side to the show was the location which charged 22 percent tip on top of the bill with out consent.

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David Burke
Review from David Burke
12 events 5 reviews

Tim was hilarious. Great seats and excellent views from our location.

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Teri Howland
Review from Teri Howland
8 events 4 reviews

I have been a Tim Allen fan since he was on Home Improvement back in the 90's. It was so good to see him in person. He is very funny. My boyfriend & I laughed so hard. I would definitely go see his show again. And the ticket prices through...continued

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Review from hollister
11 events 3 reviews

Best stand up ! He was so funny
Will definitely see him again

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Gilda Levi Goodman Helman
Review from Gilda Levi Goodman Helman
10 events 3 reviews

I was disappointed in that I purchased the VIP ticket and got there at 7:15 as we were told but it meant nothing. Didn't get me in any sooner and we ended up in the last row...............disappointed. It was our first time there and probably...continued

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Stephen Blossfeld
Review from Stephen Blossfeld
18 events 2 reviews

better than any of his sitcoms - he really shines out as a standup!
great life experience jokes

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Laura Keen
Review from Laura Keen
17 events 1 review

Even though we got there early, we got seats up in the balcony and people stood in front of us so we couldn't see the performers but i love Tim Allen so that's why I give it a 5. The venue is awful and is most likely breaking fire codes 2 times...continued

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Bryan Henderson
Review from Bryan Henderson
18 events 1 review

Fantastic Show, Tim still has it. Consistently Hilarious!

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Tom Jacob
Review from Tom Jacob
5 events 1 review

Frazier Smith, hilarious. Known him since his Radio days. Great warm up. Tim Allen was top of his game, as usual. Fun club. Just an all around great night with lots of laughter!

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