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Review from RC
Red Velvet 845 events 363 reviews

Great fun, very clever puzzles, thanks for a fun evening out!

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Review from moxiebabe
Red Velvet 62 events 14 reviews

We have been to several Escape Rooms in LA and loved all of them. (The first was The Alchemist, which was absolutely fabulous.) We were expecting to have a good time at The Theatre, but found it very disappointing -- in so many ways. The "Stage...continued

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Jennie Fahn
Review from Jennie Fahn
41 events 17 reviews

This was really fun! Took my son and his friend and we were definitely challenged but were able to help solve some of the 'mysteries...' We were happy there were some more experienced game players in the group... We would definitely not have...continued

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Gina Leslie
Review from Gina Leslie
41 events 13 reviews

I purchased this as a Christmas present for my nephew and his family. They called me as soon as their adventure was over and told me how much fun they had. They are now planning to do another one as a bigger family event.

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Review from None
51 events 13 reviews

Totally fun. Went with 2 friends. 5 other people we had not previously met were there. I was hesitant about group
Dynamics, but there is enough to do that you can steer clear of domineering personalities. Puzzles were difficult enough without...continued

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Review from Bernie
25 events 8 reviews

So much fun! We escaped with 6 minutes to spare. This was our first time doing an escape room and we will certainly be back to do the others.

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Gladys Abrignani
Review from Gladys Abrignani
13 events 8 reviews

We were a group of 5. We had a lot of fun it was very challenging looking forward to trying the other room. Only suggestion is a bigger group would be way more fun

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Review from Komally
9 events 7 reviews

We loved our experience! It keeps you on your toes and makes you think out of box.

Thank you

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Review from Brent
13 events 4 reviews

It was ok. But definitely something you want to do with a group of people you know. Try to bring as many people as possible. There were 3 of us ( adults in our 30s) and we got paired with 10 teenagers about the ages of 13-14 that we didn't know....continued

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Ron Iseli
Review from Ron Iseli
10 events 4 reviews

This was a great evening with some very cool people. The cast were a lot of fun, and the puzzle was surprisingly hard. We escaped, but barely! I look forward to trying some of their other puzzles.

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Review from Desi
16 events 2 reviews

It was so much fun and so clever. Can't wait to do another one

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Christine Barger
Review from Christine Barger
26 events 2 reviews

It's a fun group activity. It's better to take a big group.

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Review from Jackie
5 events 1 review

Awesome experience! So much fun & totally worth it!

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Valerie Dohrer
Review from Valerie Dohrer
8 events 1 review

Going into it I was a little nervous that it was going to be like a haunted house but it wasn't scary at all. I loved the puzzles and our guide was wonderful! I would highly recommend Escape Room LA: The Theatre to everyone! I will definitely be...continued

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Review from Erica
2 events 1 review

I went with my friend Megan as her last hurraaa before she left LA. We enjoyed the games but I believe it would of been far more fun if we had brought more of our friends along. The communication is critical part of the games.

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Mel Fair
Review from Mel Fair
13 events 1 review

My first escape room. I work in theatre, so the theme was irresistible. Its execution on site was charming, and management was welcoming and helpful. Loved the idea of doing puzzles to unlock stuff, leading to more puzzles -- but filled to their...continued

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Gus Kowalewski
Review from Gus Kowalewski
2 events 1 review

Nice escape room with a lot of different puzzles. Great big room to explore. It was really cool to have the host in the room with us instead of communicating through a loudspeaker. Host in room was a nice and personal touch. Host was great,...continued

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Laura Vargas
Review from Laura Vargas
8 events 1 review

So much fun! Lovely Staff!! Had us a great time!!!

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Mischalay Williams
Review from Mischalay Williams
13 events 1 review

Staff were organized and friendly. Great to do with a group of friends or by yourself.

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David Garber
Review from David Garber
2 events 1 review

The event was amazing from the time we entered until our group departed at the end. Our hostess was bright, witty, and charming. She took care of us and gave us an idea of what we had coming. We were a group of six and were joined by four other...continued

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