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Review from Playbillz1
239 events 163 reviews

Hands down, one of the best productions I’ve seen in Los Angeles. Extraordinary acting company performing an incredible play. I won’t soon forget it.

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Review from Howard
135 events 48 reviews

The staging of the play is very interesting. The acting is very good. But the dialog and the story line itself is a complete waste of time. The story just rambles aimlessly and at times it looks like the playwright was lost.
Great staging -...continued

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Barbara Honig
Review from Barbara Honig
119 events 44 reviews

The acting was fantastic and the characters were incredibly interesting. The staging of being taken to different rooms did bring us closer to the characters and the story but I was missing the bigger plot eg why were they meeting and what was the...continued

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Sharon Oxborough
Review from Sharon Oxborough
197 events 35 reviews

Exciting to see eight talented actresses on the stage playing complex and diverse characters

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matteo solomon
Review from matteo solomon
21 events 12 reviews

We had no idea what was going on. At the end there was some explanation but we both disliked the experience

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Review from Dace
23 events 2 reviews

A very unique, intelligent, and complex experience. Serious, some wrenching scenes but one of the richest experiences I have seen in many many years of attending theater. I highly recommend it especially for female audience members. Not a standard...continued

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Rozie Springer Levitt
Review from Rozie Springer Levitt
14 events 2 reviews

My friends and I were deeply disappointed in this show. It didn’t make any sense and we left before the intermission. The actors totally overacted and it was ridiculous! I would not recommend this play to anyone!

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Julie Weissman Markovitz
Review from Julie Weissman Markovitz
11 events 1 review

My friends and I LOVED Fefu and her friends”. It’s totally immersive with stellar writing, acting and directing.

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Review from Ck
4 events 1 review

Very well acted and produced but a bit confusing. A very me joya le evening despite a few unanswered questions. Great free parking

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