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Marilyn Frost
Review from Marilyn Frost
21 events 5 reviews

Enjoyed the tour, the restaurant tastings, the architectural highlights and the energy and knowledge of our guide. The group size of 8 made sitting together possible allowing for friendly chit chat. We did feel rushed at each of the venues,...continued

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R Yassa
Review from R Yassa
5 events 4 reviews

First time trying this and would definitely do it again. Steve was an awesome tour guide and gave us information both regarding the restaurants and different land marks. We would highly recommend this tour.

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Review from quotility
73 events 4 reviews

Great time! Highly recommend for a daytime date or friend activity.

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Review from Jose
4 events 4 reviews

Native Angeleno here and let me tell ya guys the experience was great. Goes to show you theres so much I didnt know about my own city. Over all it was really nice, only which it had more stops and bigger portions of food. .... and our tour guide...continued

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Alexandra Irons
Review from Alexandra Irons
9 events 4 reviews

Our guide Steve did a great job, both in taking us to some great eating spots as well as sharing interesting history of Los Angeles with us. Well done!

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Paula Brynen
Review from Paula Brynen
13 events 4 reviews

The tour was fabulous. Our guide, Chris was knowledgeable, animated and full of historical and personal stories about Los Angeles. I was born and raised in LA and love the downtown area yet still learned a lot about the city, discovered new places...continued

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Laura Petersen
Review from Laura Petersen
58 events 4 reviews

This was really fun! Our guide, Steve, was excellent at his job. He was entertaining and easy to talk to and extremely thoughtful in his interactions with all 12 of us. We had food samples from 7 different restaurants (at 6 stops) and all but one...continued

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Review from Maisy
34 events 4 reviews

We enjoyed this food tour tremendously! It was just the right amount of food, not too much that you felt sick, but just enough to enjoy each of the places we visited. Steve was a great tour guide! He told you the history of downtown LA and...continued

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Mary Lou Vanderlip
Review from Mary Lou Vanderlip
12 events 3 reviews

I am a native Angelino of 75 years and experienced places in DTLA that I never knew were there. I was so impressed with Steve and his knowledge of the city. He made the Food Tour very interesting and memorable. I especially enjoyed Pechoun's...continued

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Gloria Romero
Review from Gloria Romero
14 events 3 reviews

I enjoyed all the places we went, the food, the story. Chris was great

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Review from Dan
8 events 3 reviews

It was fun. The food tastings were good. We didn't visit all of the places mentioned. We had some history but we could have listened to more. But, overall, it was a fun experience.

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Review from Rosebud
21 events 3 reviews

My girlfriend & I truly enjoyed the food tour, especially with the addition of our tour guide, Ciara (splg?) who shared wonderful "historic" tidbits about L.A. as we walked to each food destination. Thank you Ciara!! ;-) The only negative being,...continued

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Jody Rubin
Review from Jody Rubin
7 events 3 reviews

Our tour guide Sam was friendly, fairly knowledgeable about the Los Angeles downtown area, and fairly knowledgeable about each restaurant we stopped at. There was a good variety of foods sampled. It was a fun time, full 3 hours, but for what it...continued

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Lula Carter
Review from Lula Carter
8 events 3 reviews

This is a must do tour for everyone. You will learn so much history about Downtown Los Angeles in addition to discovering new places to eat and drink!

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Ruth Smith
Review from Ruth Smith
8 events 2 reviews

Fabulous tour! Excellent food, great history lesson, loved the walking around idea, tour guide was perfect. Would highly recommend this tour. There was plenty to eat and the price was right.

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Tena Goodwyn
Review from Tena Goodwyn
34 events 2 reviews

I enjoyed the tour, met great people and our tour guide was wonderful. Thank you for a great time.

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Ingrid Robertson
Review from Ingrid Robertson
4 events 2 reviews

I was amazed and pleasantly surprised how well the tour was organized, yet I Never felt like "cattle being moved along".
And I think this was mostly true to our guide Steve. He worked tirelessly to get all the samples handed to us and never...continued

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Review from Enjoyer7
42 events 2 reviews

Steve is an exceptional guide. On my 5-25 tour, we sampled 6 diverse food selections, and he talked about the restaurants and what made them special. We started with delicious almond croissants at Pitchouns, and learned about the background of...continued

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Diana Trujillo
Review from Diana Trujillo
10 events 2 reviews

The three hours went by super fast. Everywhere we stopped had great food! Our tour guy was friendly, comical, and very knowledgeable. It rained a bit during our tour, but it certainly didn't put a damper on our experience. Totally recommend!

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Review from Carolyn_Oaks
9 events 2 reviews

What a fun day !! I learned tons about the LA food culture. Our guide was relaxed, informative and very knowledgeable .

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