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Jeffrey Emile Lengyel
Review from Jeffrey Emile Lengyel
6 events 1 review

Brilliant, painful and very funny. A most human and wrenching love story. Beckett's work resonates with love and anguish for human loneliness. Winnie, played by Dianne Wiest is simply breathtaking in her joyous mesmerizing and wonderfully comedic...continued

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Goldstar member
Review from Goldstar member
Red Velvet 386 events 99 reviews

At times it was difficult to hear the dialogue; I was seated in row M, and missed some of the parts which got a laugh or reaction from the audience. It was a difficult play to sit through since not much was happening to stimulate the senses and...continued

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Elena Kravets Berchenko
Review from Elena Kravets Berchenko
Red Velvet 168 events 34 reviews

Left after 1st act. Even the great Dianne couldn't save this one.

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Linda F.
Review from Linda F.
Red Velvet 69 events 29 reviews

Is it me? Theater is becoming difficult. The woman on my right bathed in rose perfume, the one to the left needed two seats as she was spilling over into mine. The people behind me reeked of onions and kept eating and crackling wrappings. It...continued

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Review from Docfredjr
Red Velvet 7 events 1 review

The production is strong and Diane Weist is terrific. But, I found it hard to connect with this piece.

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Ray Q.
Review from Ray Q.
434 events 406 reviews

Beckett's "theatre of the absurd" works are always challenging to experience and to stage. Dianne Wiest quite masterfully found all the lyrical humor and sad emotion in Beckett's words and pauses and obviously carried the entire production. But...continued

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Review from Playbillz1
223 events 159 reviews

Dianne Wiest makes wholly accessible this notoriously inaccessible Beckett play with her charm and warmth, two things perhaps at odds with a surface reading of Beckett’s intent (I mean, maybe?!) that work beautifully here.

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Tony Lewis
Review from Tony Lewis
47 events 41 reviews

Great individual performance but not very entertaining.

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Review from Alan
47 events 31 reviews

This is not for everybody - perhaps 15-20% of the audience left at intermission. That said, this was great Beckett, and Dianne Wiest’s performance was superb. If you’re into Beckett, or want to find out if you might be, this is a tremendous...continued

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Male, born 1950
Review from Male, born 1950
49 events 31 reviews

You do have to have some kind of idea of what you are going to see--but with the understanding that the play is essentially a two act monologue, you will be moved by a "most human" experience. Beckett puts "life" at the front and center of...continued

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Review from bpiecka@yahoo.com
67 events 28 reviews

Excellent writing and acting!

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Review from AllyM
94 events 18 reviews

This performance is a true tour de force. Wiest is onstage the entire play, finds all kinds of things in the rough poetry of the piece. Just really accomplished, and deserving of the standing O L.A. gives out way too often.

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Review from denisenolan
27 events 16 reviews

Dianne Wiest was absolutely fantastic I am a fan of Beckett, and have learned that going to his plays without any information is the best way to enjoy them. It's all words, so a description of action wouldn't help you prepare to them.
It is...continued

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William Tran
Review from William Tran
153 events 11 reviews

The number of ways this play is a disaster is laughable. Let's see now....the set is a massive pile of sand. The lead character played by Dianne Wiest is a cross between a prima donna and a bimbo - she's waist deep in sand herself and so, is...continued

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Susan Salmore
Review from Susan Salmore
35 events 10 reviews

The play may not appeal to everyone. Some people in the audience left at intermission. However, Dianne Wiest was wonderful!

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Andrew Blau
Review from Andrew Blau
44 events 10 reviews

What a joy to see the luminous Dianne Wiest in this Beckett classic. A challenging, exhilarating night at the theater.

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Diana Meyers
Review from Diana Meyers
35 events 9 reviews

Diane Wiest was incredible. I think Beckett would have been satisfied.

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Wanda Arcos
Review from Wanda Arcos
16 events 9 reviews

I liked this production of Beckett's Happy Days very much. The acting was wonderful and the sandy mound looked very authentic. The play is intriguing. My partner and I stayed for the after talk and continued our conversation for an hour after...continued

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jodi Harrison
Review from jodi Harrison
36 events 6 reviews

Beckett and Weist at their best. Bravo!!!

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Marilyn Bencar
Review from Marilyn Bencar
16 events 6 reviews

Diane Weist was terrific and amazing in what is basically a one-woman show. However, one must read the description of the play before seeing it. We were very confused during the first hour and did not understand what was going on. We realized...continued

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