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Roxanne Yahner
Review from Roxanne Yahner
Red Velvet 299 events 133 reviews

I first saw this play off-Broadway in 2014 when I was less "woke" and, at that time, was somewhat disturbed by it. Then it appeared at Steppenwolf Theater while on a visit to Chicago. I have wondered why it was never produced in L.A. since it...continued

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Rhoda Pell
Review from Rhoda Pell
Red Velvet 503 events 93 reviews

Worst experience in my entire theater going life!

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Review from Markster
452 events 69 reviews

Guess not my nor my other six friends type of humor. There was no humor, even dark, for us.

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Bob Lentz
Review from Bob Lentz
90 events 49 reviews

dynamite show with a dynamite cast!

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Review from California
157 events 33 reviews

Went to a preview night. I didn't care for the acting, direction, and interpretation of the writing. Message seems to be missed as the characters are just yelling at each other for so much of it. I'm hoping it gets better as the run continues.

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Deserie Davenport-Walker
Review from Deserie Davenport-Walker
63 events 28 reviews

The storyline was very deep, The acting was fantastic

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Linda Vance Lessing
Review from Linda Vance Lessing
107 events 22 reviews

The acting was good but I didn't enjoy the play itself.

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Review from Vivita
33 events 9 reviews

Great play. The actors were extraordinary.
I will recommend it.

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Nadia Sprinza
Review from Nadia Sprinza
49 events 7 reviews

Interesting show!! Especially , we were impressed by a talented actor, Pappett who plays Max.

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Katherine Gladkov
Review from Katherine Gladkov
55 events 7 reviews

Very stimulating, progressive, daring, vivid.

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Red Ruffensore
Review from Red Ruffensore
46 events 6 reviews

The play was okay but not for everyone. Well acted.

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Review from Nadine
29 events 2 reviews

Don't miss seeing Hir! The writing is sharp, the story is topical, and the direction and acting are exceptional. I was not familiar with the playwright but I will definitely be on the lookout for his other works.

I've seen several plays at the...continued

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