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Review from kimmie006
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This was the worst event I have ever been to. Half of the bus windows were permantely cloudy and therefore you could not see out them. Once we got on the bus we were told the tour would be 4 hours! The guides were unpolished, unedited and overall...continued

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As compared to other tours of this kind this one was pretty bad.

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A definite must if you love L.A.... You think you know L.A.? Experience the underground.

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Lorraine Espinosa-Nall
Review from Lorraine Espinosa-Nall
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This tour was not what I expected at all. Bus was very comfortable and needed to be for as much time as we were stuck in it looking at parking lots and listening to the guy yammer on. Tour needed more focus. Went over time becasue the guy...continued

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La Cachanilla
Review from La Cachanilla
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Great tour! Our guides were amazing, I whad kid had liked to go into a couple of rooms and more hotels!

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John Garcia
Review from John Garcia
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I loved this tour. I was really disappointed that we were leaving LA and wouldn't be able to go on upcoming cool tours planned. The guides did a great job of exploring the seedy, dark side of downtown - presented in such an entertaining, fun...continued

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I was mildly disappointed with this tour. I wanted to learn more about "horrors" that went on in these locations but that wasn't the case so much. It felt like they were making up facts as they went. Our tour even had the wife of the gentleman...continued

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Karym B. Postigo
Review from Karym B. Postigo
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It was not what I had imagined. Granted the street closures and the extreme heat DID NOT help the situation at all. The only reason I give 2 stars is because they were very kind and did their best.

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Robert Cartland
Review from Robert Cartland
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The tour delivered as promised. The hosts were knowledgeable, friendly and informative. The other people on the tour were also terrific and friendly. Everything was first rate.

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Review from KPD
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This event is a bus tour of downtown Los Angeles, which focuses on nostalgia from the pre-WWII era, although a few incidental crime scene tidbits from the 70's and 80's are included. It's a good tour that was well-researched, but if you're going...continued

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This tour was painful to sit through. The stories were not interesting and we drove around the same 5 blocks over and over again. This was a total scam!

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Julie Spencer
Review from Julie Spencer
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Very well organized tour! Richard and Kim - husband and wife duo - clearly are very passionate about LA history and put together a fun tour that explores LA's past.

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Barry Smith
Review from Barry Smith
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We had a very enjoyable time. We learned a lot about Los Angeles we did not know. All three of us have spent our entire life in Los Angeles and were not aware of many of the things we heard. I would recommend that when the tour host is speaking he...continued

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