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Review from Annonymous
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Fifty years ago it would have been cutting edge and we would have 'dug' it. Now it seems a stretch to pull it off. The music was the best part and it was nice that the original actor playing Gertrude Stein was here to reprise the role.

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Bob Lentz
Review from Bob Lentz
109 events 67 reviews

dynamite show! great songs and singing!

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Susan Long Reardon
Review from Susan Long Reardon
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It certainly was different. The best parts for me were the outstanding vocals and hysterically funny athletic dancing, especially the chorus line.

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Joan Morrissey
Review from Joan Morrissey
57 events 15 reviews

Absolutely ridiculous. I know why there was no intermission, no one would come back. As it was, a few people left during the performance. I was in a the center of a middle row and if I left, it would have been too disruptive.

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Gloria Stuntebeck
Review from Gloria Stuntebeck
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It just didn't make sense to me. It just seemed like it kept repeating itself as in a circle. The music was good, but the lyrics just didn't speak to me. The acting, singing and music were good. I just didn't like the play itself.

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Judith Williamson
Review from Judith Williamson
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talented cast....otherwise, as confusing as her . poetry.

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Review from Philly
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The performers did an admirable job with this completely off the wall non sensical play. No plot, no point. It was like the playwright wrote it during an acid trip or from a psych ward. Words put together for the sake of it. Completely weird and a...continued

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Beatrice Massey
Review from Beatrice Massey
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very often turning written words into a play ; does not work. In this case it was boring
and meaningless.

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Hubbell Horace
Review from Hubbell Horace
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We had the pleasure of seeing David Schweizer’s absolutely excellent production of “In Circles” last Friday. My husband and I both had smiles on our faces from the start. The whole stage was bathed in a luscious, sexy red. The cast was uniformly...continued

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