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Ray Q.
Review from Ray Q.
434 events 406 reviews

This is great theater: timeless, relevant, hopeful, political, intelligent, heartbreaking, sly, sad, earnest, searching, willful, passionate, powerful. The best kind of art is this kind of soulful.

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Rita Ruffin
Review from Rita Ruffin
Red Velvet 143 events 68 reviews

Interesting set. The actors were very good.

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Review from Shaylin
Red Velvet 106 events 27 reviews

The players did a masterful job of depicting and both the play within the play, and the angst felt by playwright and players as they move through the years and the countries. Throughout, there are hints of the playwright, the producer, and the...continued

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Cem Gelgin
Review from Cem Gelgin
Red Velvet 25 events 1 review

Missed the show due to car accident/traffic. So was not able to make it to the show:(

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Benett Berkowitz
Review from Benett Berkowitz
214 events 66 reviews

What a stunning play! Incredible staging of a very impacting story, performed with grace and superb acting! This play will leave you reflecting and talking about the resonating story and ideas! Awesome piece of theatre!!!!

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Review from Patsy
91 events 50 reviews
Nancy B Irwin
Review from Nancy B Irwin
53 events 41 reviews

Really a remarkable play....historical, and so brilliantly staged and acted.

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Gail Rolf
Review from Gail Rolf
78 events 33 reviews

This is a play that had an interesting theme, but poorly executed. The playwright tried to put a creative spin on it, and it flopped.

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Review from Lucyfan
33 events 24 reviews


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Review from Arlene
42 events 23 reviews

Very powerful experience. The more we try to change, the more we stay the same. Very scary how timely this play is. Disturbing how history is repeating itself and we can't seem to pull ourselves out of it. A must see!

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EZ therapy
Review from EZ therapy
30 events 22 reviews

This might have worked better as a comedy. A brothel owner who is apparently married to a former prostitute tries to prevent his daughter from having a relationship with one of his, er, employees. The ending scene of him wielding a rubber Torah as...continued

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Jan Glasband
Review from Jan Glasband
32 events 17 reviews

Aside from the flawless performances, direction and very creative use of some wonderful musicians, this is an amazing piece of theatre history that’s as relevant as any contemporary play. The Jewish culture is one of marvelous story telling, and...continued

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Sylvia Sotelo
Review from Sylvia Sotelo
36 events 17 reviews

I wasn't clear on what the play was about, but I was surprised in the presentation. It wasn't flamboyant or disrespectful. Many of the plays at the Ahmanson tell a tragic story about homosexuals and repeat the same stories. I like to be...continued

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Irina Velitskaya
Review from Irina Velitskaya
45 events 10 reviews

It was ok. I didn’t see the inner monologues of actors. Everything was on the surface. But I liked the music and water special effect. But I won’t recommend it to anyone to see. The actors were so blah.

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Wanda Arcos
Review from Wanda Arcos
16 events 9 reviews

I liked the staging very much, liked the music. the performing and singing. The story line did not involve me that much.

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Susan Damante
Review from Susan Damante
15 events 8 reviews

When I go to the theater I like to be entertained and educated and come out feeling exhilarated ....
and that’s exactly what happened with Indecent!

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Labyrinth Flux
Review from Labyrinth Flux
12 events 7 reviews

A very interesting story based on a Polish-Jewish playwright. The story seems incomplete and choppy, little vignettes of time that do not add up to much. There were so many scenes which could have really connected with the audience, except the...continued

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Review from Nancep17
34 events 7 reviews

Great seat for $25!

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Lana Sudd
Review from Lana Sudd
54 events 7 reviews

I did enjoy the music and the dancing, but did not enjoy the story, it was very repetitive.

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Frances Katzenberg-Soss
Review from Frances Katzenberg-Soss
59 events 7 reviews

It was a thought provoking and moving performance.

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