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Victor B.
Review from Victor B.
Red Velvet 304 events 248 reviews

This is a well acted play based on a movie from the nineteen forties. A spectacular set with great effects adds to the interest.

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Review from Randall
Red Velvet 339 events 132 reviews

Outside of one line or two, the play did not seem to be relevant to today's audience or have a specific point of view that was compelling. Performances were not particularly strong (although I was surprised by the enthusiasm of the audience at the...continued

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Allen Condon
Review from Allen Condon
Red Velvet 52 events 1 review

Loved the play. Very enjoyable. Great seats. I love Gold Star

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Review from A.J.
88 events 70 reviews

Superb set design, sound design, lighting design . . . AND acting! Go!

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Sandi Hemmerlein
Review from Sandi Hemmerlein
50 events 25 reviews

I've actually never seen the movie! So I came into this show completely blind, only as a fan of both the venue and Andy Garcia. I thought his performance was really good -- though the character is really kind of a caricature of an Italian mob boss...continued

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Terry B.
Review from Terry B.
40 events 24 reviews

We really liked it. Great actors and wonderful sets and sound effects.
Only complaint is those mezzanine seats are tiny, with no legroom so latecomers have to stumble over others to get to their seats.

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Review from Fozzimon
44 events 11 reviews

Granted, it was the first night. I have seen the Movie with Edward G. Robinson and Humphrey Bogart a couple of times. I felt the actors we not committed to the material and there was no synergy amongst them. I am a great fan of Andy Garcia, but he...continued

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Review from Irina
27 events 6 reviews

I was disappointed! The actors playing the soldier and the young widow looked wooden and did not develop their characters at all, the plot was dated and stage direction uninspired. Andy Garcia was good, but could not save the production.

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Review from greengirl
13 events 5 reviews

Very nice venue and performance.

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Review from mona
17 events 3 reviews

amazing play, great performances.

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Paula Sheridan
Review from Paula Sheridan
3 events 1 review

Marvelous cast, set design. It had swagger!

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Mitchell Leit
Review from Mitchell Leit
13 events 1 review

The seats were terrible and the show was worse. Two things-I was a Geffen theater founder for 10 years and last time I bought tickets for the Geffen from Goldstar for mezzanine A were decent seats on main theater level. This time we were in the...continued

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Michael Dunn
Review from Michael Dunn
6 events 1 review

Thrilling! Garcia is in-your-face fantastic! Great adaptation of the film!

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