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Review from Larry
7 events 3 reviews

The wine pre-concert was fabulous. The weather cooperated and it was a beautiful night. The concert was breathtaking. Special accolades to the trio violinist, Jin.

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Review from Lebni
8 events 3 reviews

The wine tasting portion of the event was a bust! They ran out of wine at 7am. Didnt get a drop of vino. The music portion of the event was GREAT!

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Review from doggieview
4 events 3 reviews

The wine was ok, but not really a wine tasting. There was one white and one red so more having a glass of wine. The first part of the music was wonderful, but the second part was very long, repetitious and people were falling a sleep. The...continued

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Review from Kimberly
21 events 3 reviews

This was a relaxing change to the norm. Beautiful music and wine. What more could you want.

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Review from aaarrghdude
37 events 3 reviews

Very fun and pleasant evening and the Goldstar price was right! The chamber music was lovely and the two-hour concert was just the right length. The hour-long wine tasting was a nice bonus, and each ticket-holder received vouchers for two free...continued

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Tara Colleen Smith
Review from Tara Colleen Smith
6 events 3 reviews

Was very disappointed; My group of 8 missed the wine tasting. Goldstar noted that the event started at 8:00pm and did not list a time for the wine tasting.

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Courtney Hess
Review from Courtney Hess
27 events 3 reviews

We had a lovely evening drinking wine and listening to chamber music at the Disney Concert Hall. There were only 2 types of wine and we had tried them before so it wasn't much of a tasting for us but it was still really nice to be able to drink...continued

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Myesha King
Review from Myesha King
4 events 3 reviews

Wine not too shabby! Business casual to cocktail party. Feel free to wear that LBD but it’s not required. Music was fantastic!!!

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Review from zm101020
23 events 2 reviews
Review from ccal
4 events 2 reviews

A great evening. Before the concert met some terrific people at the pre-show wine tasting provided by Cupcake of Napa, while taking in the exquisite beauty of Disney Hall architecture. Following, an evening of chamber music by Bach, Haydn, Mozart...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
2 events 2 reviews

Absolutely loved it! This was my first time going to the Walt Disney Concert Hall and I was amazed at the building and how beautiful it is. The concert was spectacular... Would definitely recommend it and I would definetely go again.

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Kim Hoyt
Review from Kim Hoyt
10 events 2 reviews

Didn't make it for the wine tasting, so I can't review that part, but the music was AMAZING and the building itself was such a wonder to explore. Great offer!!!

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Review from Ryc
4 events 2 reviews

Excellent! My aunt and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening. The music and performances were absolutely wonderful. The wine tasting was very nice. The wine itself was a little dry for my taste but, the atmosphere was lovely.

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Review from jjmarkham
16 events 2 reviews

Goldstar clearly indicated on the tickets and in a reminder email that the wine tasting began at 6:30. There was a cab and a chardonnay, and you were welcome to sample as much as you liked. They did run out of wine around 7:30. As for the...continued

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Lisa Rsufman
Review from Lisa Rsufman
8 events 2 reviews

Great music and excellent seats!

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Ingrid May
Review from Ingrid May
8 events 2 reviews
Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
3 events 2 reviews

great...especially the septet

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Review from Doghouse
6 events 2 reviews

I am a huge fan of Baroque music, so I really enjoyed this event. I was given great seats, right in the middle of the terrace. Came early for the wine tasting which was nice.

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Val Maisner
Review from Val Maisner
11 events 2 reviews

I enjoyed the chamber music concert and thought that our seats in the orchestra balcony were very good. The wine by Cupcake was nothing special.

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Dora Vargas
Review from Dora Vargas
7 events 2 reviews

I had a delightful time, my first visit to the Walt Disney Hall, it's gorgeous! Music was great, had a fantastic time. Wine was good too! Will definetely go back. My seats were good and well priced. Thanks!

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