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I like wine and Beethoven, so I was happy to attend this event in such a great setting. However, the wine tasting started way before the concert and the vendor ran out around 7:30 which was when I arrived. It would have been helpful to state the...continued

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Review from Aaron
5 events 2 reviews

I liked it but it did drag on. A lot of people near me fell asleep.

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Char'Donai' Brooks
Review from Char'Donai' Brooks
3 events 2 reviews

I really enjoyed Johanne Brahms work! He captivated me more with his andante and adagio. His pieces really told a story and the quartets were amazing! I'd definitely recommend this.

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Harvey Kalan
Review from Harvey Kalan
5 events 2 reviews

I was very disappointed with the seats. There were many seats available and they would not move us up.

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Lois Gomez
Review from Lois Gomez
7 events 2 reviews

It was a fantastic night! All went smoothly picking up the tickets, enjoying the wine and a wonderful concert!

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Greg Beutler
Review from Greg Beutler
8 events 2 reviews

love the music- especially the narration. as that was novel and he was quiet expressive.
wine tasting was minimal. alas.

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Shanah Blevins
Review from Shanah Blevins
17 events 2 reviews

Music was amazing as was the Disney Hall. Didn't attend the wine tasting as was scared away by the previous reviews. Had dinner nearby instead.

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Donna Tryfman
Review from Donna Tryfman
29 events 2 reviews

Not a bad seat in the house...an intimate, immensely enjoyable classical music experience!

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Rachel Figura
Review from Rachel Figura
25 events 2 reviews

Quite lovely with nice wine!

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Review from Erana
12 events 2 reviews

Ran out of wine after we waited in line for it:(

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Review from Chickeedoodle
17 events 2 reviews

So fun! 2 glasses of wine per person and plenty of time to roam around and see the beautiful theater.
Seats had a fabulous view and the acoustics were great. The performance was stunning of course :)

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Steve D.
Review from Steve D.
8 events 2 reviews

The chamber music was great. The concert hall was fantastic. The downfall was the wine tasting.

Typically wine tasting means you taste multiple wines from multiple wineries and these are accompanied by grapes, cheese, etc. This "tasting" had 3...continued

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Review from Louis
22 events 2 reviews

The concert was good. The wine tasting wasn't what I had expected.
There were only 2 wines, Cupcake, white and red. Everyone was in a hurry to get a glass of wine, they ran out of glasses. Seemed more of a chance to drink as much as you could...continued

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The music was great - excellent artists. However the wine tasting disappointed. (1) a wine tasting should offer several wines of same variety to compare and (2) this should have been a place where people would interact with "strangers". You...continued

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Shea Bahnsen
Review from Shea Bahnsen
10 events 2 reviews

The music was fantastic. Seats were in the Front Terrace and I loved being able to watch the musicians from above.
Unfortunately, the wine portion was lacking. For a "wine tasting", I assumed that meant more than a Pino Noir and a Chardonnay,...continued

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4 events 2 reviews

The place is amazing but the concert was ok,

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Helen Huber
Review from Helen Huber
8 events 2 reviews

The venue of course is beautiful. I had not been to Walt Disney Hall in a very long time. Combining a wine reception beforehand was just the thing to pull me in. It was well organized and lovely. The chamber music was beautiful to listen to. ...continued

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Review from Jenny
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The Walt Disney Concert Hall is beautiful, so that in itself makes it worth coming. We missed the wine tasting event because it started much earlier than we had anticipated, and the event didn't really communicate this beforehand well. The...continued

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MF Tasoff
Review from MF Tasoff
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The wine part was ok. The theater part was so hot that we couldn't even stay in for the concert and had to see about different seats.

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Review from Lauren
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The wine reception before the show is a huge plus. Each guest receives two wine vouchers per ticket and are pretty much served a full glass of wine. Shortly after the reception, guests are seated. Pianist, Hsin Huang, is amazing! Such a delightful...continued

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