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Leo Cortez
Review from Leo Cortez
17 events 12 reviews

I expected more of an orchestra setting not just 4 people playing but it was still very nice and relaxing.

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Francisco Albarran
Review from Francisco Albarran
22 events 12 reviews

Pkd for $9 under the Hall, got there, ushers were very nice directing my wife and I, to pick up the tickets, then to gathering area to get the 2 vouchers per person to get the wine drinks, we got there about 6:30 pm, small crowd, by 7:30pm, it was...continued

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David Kilpatrick
Review from David Kilpatrick
68 events 12 reviews

This evening was incredible! I could not imagine how to make it better! The musicianship of the performers was truly as close to perfection as is humanly possible. The programming was excellent - a wonderful variety from Beethoven to Bartok. ...continued

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Jesús David Orozco
Review from Jesús David Orozco
25 events 11 reviews

Definitely get a lot of bang for your buck. Don't expect the best wine. Still gave it 5 stars for the price.

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Steve Unwin
Review from Steve Unwin
38 events 11 reviews

Excellent music and playing. But Disney Hall is way too large for a meaningful chamber music experience. But the excellent Disney acoustic does help.

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Steve Unwin
Review from Steve Unwin
38 events 11 reviews

Fabulous musicians, and beautiful music. But Disney Hall is the wrong venue for this music. Chamber music should be up close and personal.

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Review from bill
23 events 11 reviews

I did not make it to the event.. :(

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Steve Unwin
Review from Steve Unwin
38 events 11 reviews

Music performance was extremely high standard, as expected from the LA Phil. Problem is the Disney Hall. It is second to none for orchestral performance. But it's hopeless for chamber music. The sound is weak, and the experience distant and...continued

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Olga Carrasco
Review from Olga Carrasco
51 events 10 reviews

I liked everything about this event. The chamber music was fantastic. Every seat provided a great view and sound.
And being paired with fabulous vino before the concert... What else could you desire on a nice Downtown evening.?!

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Review from vladoc
42 events 10 reviews

Stellar performances of the first three pieces were marred by the poor performance of the final piece, the Ravel Quartet. Unfortunately, the last piece is often remembered the most, and this was particularly true due to the unbelievably bad...continued

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Robin Sky
Review from Robin Sky
29 events 10 reviews

The concert hall was beatiful. We didn't do the wine tasting because we were enjoying ourselves too much next door at Kendall's Brasserie. The 1st 2 groups of musicians were, in our opinion, terrible. The music was not soothing and sweet. It was...continued

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Review from -
13 events 10 reviews

The event was very nice - the music was awesome chamber music mostly, not the actual orchestra. The Concert hall is amazing inside and out. It appears the sound from any seat will blow just about anyone away.

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Review from gmarwah
80 events 10 reviews

The music and the setting were fantastic.
The wine tasting time was not clear.
We arrived at 7:50PM (8PM) as per time stated on ticket, and were disappointed to find that wine tasting was already over with. The time when wine tasting starts...continued

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Review from vladoc
42 events 10 reviews

The music was beautifully played, but the experience was ruined by sitting next to a young man who came from sports practice without showering and who could not sit still and by the the patrons in front of me who chatted and took photos. They also...continued

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Sylvia M Dyson
Review from Sylvia M Dyson
45 events 10 reviews

This was an exquisite evening. I enjoyed the wine tasting but the best part was the soothing chamber music. Mozart and Beehoven played by artists that clearly enjoyed their chosen field. I enjoyed the strings and the occasional piano...continued

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Jillian Saul
Review from Jillian Saul
28 events 10 reviews

This event was great! We got there at 7pm for the wine tasting, and they were pouring full glasses of a red and a white. The concert started at 8pm, and was not very crowded. The music was great! I highly recommend.

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Review from jspeiche
21 events 10 reviews

Truly amazing. The Chamber society was fantastic and Disney Concert hall was spectacular!

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Kate Aconfora-Thomas
Review from Kate Aconfora-Thomas
35 events 10 reviews

We had GREAT seats and the concert was lovely. Parking underneath the concert hall is affordable. Make sure you eat before you come as there is not much food within close proximity/walking distance.

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Review from ctla13
39 events 9 reviews

Great concert of Brahms trio, quartet and quintet and they were all wonderful musicians. I also really liked the position of my seating for this concert! Thank you Goldstar!

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Review from keenankm
88 events 9 reviews

It was an interesting, varied program and the musicians were all top notch. Free wine beforehand was an added plus. The side terraces were almost empty - wish Goldstar could have offered side seating closer to the stage than the 4th floor...continued

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