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Kate Aconfora-Thomas
Review from Kate Aconfora-Thomas
35 events 10 reviews

We had GREAT seats and the concert was lovely. Parking underneath the concert hall is affordable. Make sure you eat before you come as there is not much food within close proximity/walking distance.

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Review from keenankm
82 events 9 reviews

It was an interesting, varied program and the musicians were all top notch. Free wine beforehand was an added plus. The side terraces were almost empty - wish Goldstar could have offered side seating closer to the stage than the 4th floor...continued

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Heather Vitullo
Review from Heather Vitullo
17 events 9 reviews

The music was lovely but we would have liked more well known selections from these composers. The wine was absolutely awful - wine tasting connotes different wines - Gallo?? Really?

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Review from Lorraine
23 events 9 reviews

Wine tasting and chamber music were given out in generous portions! The talented musicians were mesmirazing and the seats were spectacular! 5*

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Bill Ireland
Review from Bill Ireland
46 events 8 reviews

Excellent evening. Wine from Temecula. But more importantly the music and the players were excellent. The evening seemed like it was fun for the players and the audience.

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Review from ctla13
33 events 8 reviews

Great concert of Brahms trio, quartet and quintet and they were all wonderful musicians. I also really liked the position of my seating for this concert! Thank you Goldstar!

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Olga Carrasco
Review from Olga Carrasco
42 events 8 reviews

I liked everything about this event. The chamber music was fantastic. Every seat provided a great view and sound.
And being paired with fabulous vino before the concert... What else could you desire on a nice Downtown evening.?!

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Dessy Orpha Dess Wilson
Review from Dessy Orpha Dess Wilson
15 events 8 reviews

I was disappointed..did not realize "Chamber Music" meant only 3-4 people performing...I want to see the Organ when played and the big band/Philharmonic... :-(

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Merit Dowling
Review from Merit Dowling
47 events 8 reviews

The music was lovely and the presentation engaging. The wine was undrinkable (two sips and I handed it back in and wandered away), but those 90 minutes before the show were saved by a good book. Always have a book with you! (Or skip the wine...continued

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Rima M. Buch
Review from Rima M. Buch
27 events 7 reviews

Seats were great. Music enjoyable, quite different from regular fare. Since it was called "Chamber Music" we were expecting something more traditional. The narrator did a wonderful job, however the Prokofiev piece was a bit long.

Wine was Ok...continued

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Review from Tgrebel
12 events 7 reviews

Seats were great! Great night out

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Tricky Ric
Review from Tricky Ric
27 events 7 reviews

The acoustics in the Disney? Hall r outstanding ❕❕

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Review from Tgrebel
12 events 7 reviews

We had a really nice evening. The wine was good and the music even better. Would definitely do it again

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Susan Linn Ferris
Review from Susan Linn Ferris
13 events 6 reviews

1. Super easy to park ($9 is a bummer at DCH but you can dine elsewhere and shuttle over from many restaurants like Border Grille).
2. Fast ticket pickup
3. Wine was from Cupcake. AMPLE (we arrived close to 7:30 and pouring was still going on.

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Catherine Sulzberger
Review from Catherine Sulzberger
90 events 6 reviews

Amazing music and wine!!

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Esquire Jauchem
Review from Esquire Jauchem
40 events 6 reviews

First, the event is publicized as starting at 8:00 pm but the wine tasting actually starts at 6:30. Nice if someone had told us that. The wine that we managed to slam down in the five minutes before the music started was godawful. If you are...continued

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Review from Farrahvazquez
6 events 6 reviews

Great venue!

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Review from Erik
31 events 6 reviews

Great venue. The sound and the ambience were perfect.

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Jose C.
Review from Jose C.
15 events 6 reviews

I had a great time at Walt Disney Hall. The wine tasting before was fun and filled with interesting people. The show was magnificent.

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Review from Realradiance
22 events 6 reviews

I've always wanted to go to the Disney Concert Hall, so I used this as an opportunity to go there. I don't drink, so I wasn't interested in the wine tasting. My seat was in the far right hand side in the nose bleed section, so I felt very far...continued

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