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Review from Realradiance
22 events 6 reviews

I've always wanted to go to the Disney Concert Hall, so I used this as an opportunity to go there. I don't drink, so I wasn't interested in the wine tasting. My seat was in the far right hand side in the nose bleed section, so I felt very far...continued

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Review from birdbrain
14 events 6 reviews

Live music is always best.

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Judithellen Kennedy
Review from Judithellen Kennedy
14 events 6 reviews

Not really a wine tasting. A pour of a inexpensive wine (red or white was offered.).. so really it was a glass of wine . A little misleading
The Chamber music was amazing as always.

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Mary Hayden
Review from Mary Hayden
16 events 6 reviews

Such a classy evening! Each ticket comes with two wine vouchers.

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MArion BErkovitz
Review from MArion BErkovitz
8 events 6 reviews

the evening concert was wonderful. the wine tasting needed added bread, crackers, nuts-- something for those of us who expected any of these snacks,from other experiences we've had at wine tastings!

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Lisa Steckler
Review from Lisa Steckler
24 events 6 reviews

The venue and music were wonderful! The hall is just gorgeous and the musicians were spectacular and quite talented.

The wine tasting was less than great. We arrived early per the postings of other users and enjoyed a glass of chardonnay - by...continued

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Review from CarolsGoldstar
25 events 6 reviews

Though now there's a limit to your wine drinks (2), it's still a great and affordable event. The music was amazing.

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Diane Plotkin
Review from Diane Plotkin
24 events 6 reviews

Wonderful way to spend an evening. Not sure the Goldstar tickets were cost effective, since many seats were empty.

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Allison McGuire
Review from Allison McGuire
27 events 5 reviews

Always a fun evening being at the Disney Concert Hall. The performances were very good by the chamber groups. The wine tasting is not for connoisseurs. One sip of Gallo and I set it back down. It's a nice idea to let everyone mingle and enjoy...continued

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Review from Katrina
9 events 5 reviews

Great evening, great performance, though the wine was NOT "Napa wine tasting," it was cheap Gallo wine. I know Gallo is a sponsor of the Concert Hall but there were too many disappointed faces at the tasting area. Napa has much more to offer than...continued

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Jannel Cordova Angstman
Review from Jannel Cordova Angstman
60 events 5 reviews

Great event! We got 2 glasses of wine with our tickets and got to see a wonderful live performance of classical music

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Review from steph
22 events 5 reviews

i didn't have any 'wine tasting' as the venue said, they ran out of wine, i didn't know it was first-come-first-serve or something, the music was ok and the hall was great place for performance but not one of my favorite venue

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Melanie Hurtado
Review from Melanie Hurtado
8 events 5 reviews

It was good, but we left half way through.

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Review from Brittany
20 events 5 reviews

Really lovely evening! Couldn't have gone much smoother, or been more enjoyable. Only recommendation: arrive early because the wine reception gets really crowded, and the good reds go quick.

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Tammy Swank
Review from Tammy Swank
26 events 5 reviews

The music was beautiful and the sound in the concert hall was unbelieveable. I hope goldstar has more offers from Walt Disney concert hall.

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Review from Yamaguchi
46 events 5 reviews

The tasting prior to the show was a nice way to ease into the show.
The first half of the show was wonderful but the second half ran 60-min, which at that hour, feels too long for a Tuesday night.

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Review from sojourner73
32 events 5 reviews

There wasn't much of a selection for the "wine tasting." On this particular evening, they only offered Cupcakes white wine or red wine. The featured classical chamber music was enjoyable. I was seated in the Orchestra West section, which had...continued

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Lourdes Saldana
Review from Lourdes Saldana
46 events 5 reviews

This was my first time at Walt Disney Concert Hall, and it is beautiful!! The concert was delightful !! The wine tasting, the whole event was so relaxing!!

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Review from Thea
21 events 5 reviews

We had the best time, easy access and the music was an out of body experience. Walt Disney Concert Hall has wonderful acoustics and not bad to look at. The outdoor garden was a dream. Thanks

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Alisa Gosselin
Review from Alisa Gosselin
31 events 5 reviews

Wine tasting was very nice start to the night. My friend and I picked up snacks from the cafe downstairs which we were allowed to take into the tasting area. The theater is amazing and the performance was lovely.

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