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Doris Nelson Broussard
Review from Doris Nelson Broussard
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Steven Ryan
Review from Steven Ryan
11 events 4 reviews

A perfect combination of musician and pieces.

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G Franco
Review from G Franco
23 events 4 reviews

A wonderful chamber concert experience and inexpensive way to go to Disney Concert Hall. There is a cafe to get something to eat before the concert plus the wine tasting which is basically a half a glass of wine. Great seats too!

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Review from Harvey
32 events 4 reviews

Any fan of classical music will enjoy this world class octet's performance.

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Review from sandra_casarez@yahoo.com
10 events 4 reviews

Arrive early to get good parking. Business casual attire is ok.

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Review from kg
18 events 4 reviews

Based on other reviews we went there early to make sure we participate in wine tasting but it seems like they had read those reviews as well and had plenty of wine.
While the pieces by Beethoven and Mendelssohn were wonderful and enjoyable, the...continued

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Catherine Auman
Review from Catherine Auman
20 events 4 reviews

Gallo wine? Come on. I can buy that at Seven-Eleven.

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Review from Alan
9 events 4 reviews

I went to see the concert hall, my first visit. The wine tasting was a draw but three wines, two reds and a white does not constitute a wine tasting. However, it was a pleasant evening and I enjoyed the concert even if I wasn't familiar with any...continued

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Review from Jason
8 events 4 reviews

I love attending events at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, but this particular concert was "just okay." The performers were great, but I think a different musical selection and intro to the evening would have been better.

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Review from JH
16 events 4 reviews

Same mediocre wine, same great performance experience. The Mendelssohn Octet was incandescent. Both architecturally and acoustically, Disney Hall is one of the world's great concert halls, and it's a true gem in the Los Angeles cultural firmament.

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anne dewolfe
Review from anne dewolfe
19 events 4 reviews

Start typing to review your experience...

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Review from Mattymud
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The musicians were superb and Disney Hall is glorious. However, the "wine tasting" part of the event was a disappointment. They quickly ran out of wine and we were only able to get a sip of one of the only two wines being offered. Fortunately,...continued

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Review from Terrie
7 events 4 reviews

The Walt Disney Concert Hall is a magnificant building with its steep angles, great acoustics and striking organ pipes. The wine tasting was disappointing because they served a selection of cheap, tasteless Gallo wines. The music selections were...continued

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Review from JH
16 events 4 reviews

The wine was terrible, the performance and the Disney Hall experience were great, as always.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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This was a wonderful Chamber Music concert featuring musicians form the LA Phil playing Baroque and Classical pieces at the Walt Disney Hall. A wine tasting was included serving "Cupcake" wine, not bad at all. There was plenty of wine, if your...continued

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Review from tdesai84
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We'd never been inside the Disney concert hall and it was beautiful! It's pretty small so you feel like you have a good seat anywhere you sit. The musicians were great...wine tasting was just a glass of 1 red or 1 white wine they had available -...continued

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Kenny G.
Review from Kenny G.
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Wine "tasting" started at 6:30 which was really just a few glasses of two different wines (which they ran out of about 30 minutes before the end. There weren't really enough tables to crowd around so there were several of us standing around and...continued

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Cesar Portillo
Review from Cesar Portillo
14 events 4 reviews

Wine Tasting, venue, and performances we'r all top rate & an incredible value.

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Review from Darkcell
19 events 4 reviews

Wow the performances were outstanding! From beginning to end. I highly recommend this event to all

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Michael Flanagan
Review from Michael Flanagan
4 events 3 reviews

"Wine Tasting" is a misnomer. You get a ticket good for a glass of wine, one choice red or white. Nonetheless, it was great and the concert and seats were also great. Concert at 8 and wine before hand.

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