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Review from PK
Red Velvet 142 events 130 reviews

It was a pleasant walk among different lighting scenarios. The use of colors, mirrors, and animation made it nice.

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Paul Michael Gauci
Review from Paul Michael Gauci
Red Velvet 116 events 42 reviews

Great for the kids

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Tracy Gutierrez
Review from Tracy Gutierrez
Red Velvet 119 events 22 reviews

We arrived at around 6 p.m. on a Tuesday evening and a line was already forming, but moved quickly.The lines were divided by times, but since our time was 6-10 p.m., we were able to enter quickly after exchanging the GoldStar voucher at the box...continued

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Simone Brard
Review from Simone Brard
Red Velvet 64 events 11 reviews

Was nice time walking around the zoo. It was good because some of the exhibits were available which made it better. The water show outside of the reptile exhibit was good. Lights were just ok...

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Albert Watts
Review from Albert Watts
945 events 810 reviews

Nice change up from last year but I think they should do a thorough reconception for 2019.

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Matthew Valero-Katz
Review from Matthew Valero-Katz
78 events 37 reviews

not really worth it. the lights are ok, nothing stupendous. great for very little kids. very crowded.

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Julius Galacki
Review from Julius Galacki
178 events 35 reviews

A lot of traffic to get there... mostly underwhelming except for one section that made it worthwhile

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Linnea McKinsey
Review from Linnea McKinsey
48 events 31 reviews

Glad the weather cooperated and we didn't get soaked. We enjoyed the elephant light show, and the tunnel through the hundreds of LED lights, but the rest left a lot to be desired. There is too much walking required to have so many dark areas....continued

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David Bertolino
Review from David Bertolino
52 events 29 reviews

fun as always

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Efrat Efi Shabtai
Review from Efrat Efi Shabtai
53 events 23 reviews

This event was quite disappointing! Goldstar stated to take the tickets to the line to scan but once we got to the door we had to leave the line and go get actual tickets and then wait again to enter the park. The "lights" were nothing special,...continued

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Marigrace Lonergan Gleason
Review from Marigrace Lonergan Gleason
29 events 20 reviews

awfully crowded, but kids liked the lights

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Jonny M
Review from Jonny M
45 events 19 reviews

My second event at the LA Zoo so far and I really appreciate them doing something as its such a wonderful space and we have such a large population that its embarrassing this city doesn't do nearly as much as NYC or Chicago. That said, this...continued

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Review from Meg
38 events 19 reviews

We really enjoyed the lights and spending a crisp evening walking around the zoo! The display was a lot more elaborate than I expected (based on reading the other reviews here) and it took us about 1 hour and 15 minutes to view it at a leisurely...continued

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Review from DCM
28 events 16 reviews

Great for kids, which we didn't have

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jean bean
Review from jean bean
20 events 16 reviews

I do not highly recommend this event. the lights are pretty but do not expect to see any animals except cute reindeer in the beginning. very crowded. the worst part was trying to leave..took 1 hour to get out of the parking lot!!! if you do...continued

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Denny Pam
Review from Denny Pam
32 events 16 reviews

Only half the zoo was used so it wasn't a large walk. We finished within the hour. It wasn't as magical as they made it seem like but overall, it made for a nice evening. However, it was freakishly cold so dress warm.

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Carolyn Lush
Review from Carolyn Lush
18 events 14 reviews

No music, sad light display. Too many vendors selling food/glow in the dark crap. This is one event to miss. I won't be back.

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Review from mburgess
50 events 13 reviews

Very dissappointing :/ it took just about an hour to get through and that was walking at a very slow pace. The DWP display several years ago was so much better and FREE. No need to get out your car. This stuff I can see driving through my...continued

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Darcel Bowles
Review from Darcel Bowles
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Susie Jimenez
Review from Susie Jimenez
53 events 12 reviews

Great family event to end the holidays! We all had a wonderful time!!

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