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Annette Mann
Review from Annette Mann
Red Velvet 281 events 252 reviews

Fascinating stories artfully shared. This is fine theater.

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Review from Randall
Red Velvet 332 events 131 reviews

Heartfelt, very moving and very witty. Outstanding performance and use of music. It is a don't miss event.

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Review from geeseherder
Red Velvet 106 events 97 reviews

A really well written and performed string of vignettes illustrating life and lessons in Lackawanna. Thought provoking, heart breaking, funny and inspiring.

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Jamie Beverly
Review from Jamie Beverly
Red Velvet 449 events 78 reviews

Colorful and entertaining storytelling with great musical accompaniment!

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Rita Ruffin
Review from Rita Ruffin
Red Velvet 143 events 65 reviews

I happen to see Lackawanna Blues on TV and it was wonderful. The theatrical show followed the story line and the actor/s kept your attention throughout the entire monologue. I truly enjoyed the event.

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Stephen DeCordova
Review from Stephen DeCordova
Red Velvet 92 events 61 reviews

Brilliant show! Entertaining and moving! A one-man tour de force (with blues guitar accompaniment).

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Janvie Cason
Review from Janvie Cason
Red Velvet 49 events 34 reviews

Love the play...as he travelled through time remembering his family...reminded me of mine. It was a tender loving time to revisit his memories similar to mine. My Grandma built a rooming home drawing a variety the personalities with colorful...continued

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Mechell Graham
Review from Mechell Graham
Red Velvet 73 events 24 reviews

Everyone in the captive audience felt connected through the riveting storytelling. He brought us unto his world and didn’t want to leave it. Afterwards, the audience was invited to a question and answer session with a discussion facilitator. It...continued

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David Kamm
Review from David Kamm
Red Velvet 131 events 15 reviews

Spell-binding mixture of music, moods, and personalities, this one person show, with musical accompaniment, is a treasure. Alternately funny and whimsical, it provides a heartfelt insight into a managerie of human characters and conditions, all...continued

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Review from Iamlydianicole
Red Velvet 23 events 10 reviews

Lackawanna Blues is the best solo show I have seen in years. Reuben Santiago-Hudson was brilliant. He exceeded my expectations. He is truly a tour de force. I loved everything thing about the show from the set, the music, the direction, the...continued

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Review from GhostwriterMo
Red Velvet 39 events 9 reviews


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Denise Laing
Review from Denise Laing
Red Velvet 80 events 6 reviews

Ruben Santiago-Hudson, the writer, performer, and director of this play, is extremely talented; he single-handly made the many colorful characters in his play come alive. His memories of growing up in a boarding house in upstate NY, especially...continued

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Howard Gardner
Review from Howard Gardner
Red Velvet 49 events 5 reviews

A great show with just two people! The guitar player was excellent and the harmonic playing was amazing! A multitude of people all played by one man! A must see!

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Lara Meeks
Review from Lara Meeks
Red Velvet 15 events 5 reviews

Good music, humor and very well acted. I had a good time and really enjoyed the show.

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Review from Evelyn
Red Velvet 74 events 4 reviews

Great performance

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Diane Oliver
Review from Diane Oliver
Red Velvet 18 events 3 reviews

It was a wonderful experience . The music was perfect on creating the moods and changing the mental images of scenery. The actor portrayed each character so clearly that our emotions moved with character's situation and reaction. The actor created...continued

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Joanne Battle
Review from Joanne Battle
Red Velvet 6 events 2 reviews

It was a PHENOMENAL play! The acting and music were SUPERB! We thoroughly enjoyed the performance !! Thank you!!

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Ray Q.
Review from Ray Q.
433 events 406 reviews

Perfect setting (the Mark Taper Forum) is the right size theater for this kind of an intimate show) for a really sweet and sentimental night of storytelling (a great one-man show, or one-man plus a second man playing live guitar behind him).

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Review from Playbillz1
223 events 158 reviews

Absolutely fantastic evening at the theater - a brilliant retelling of tales as Santiago-Hudson leaps from character to character with grace and poignancy. Perhaps the loudest ovation I’ve heard in twenty years of attending shows at the Taper.

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Paul K.
Review from Paul K.
208 events 143 reviews

Very moving story of Ruben Santiago-Hudson and the personal stories of important people in his life, focusing heavily on the Nanny he grew up with.

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