1505258715 la clippers premier seating and suites tickets
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Paula Mitchell
Review from Paula Mitchell
Red Velvet 276 events 120 reviews

Fun day with great friends. :)

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Brad R
Review from Brad R
Red Velvet 145 events 93 reviews

Once you know the ins and outs of Staples Center it becomes very easy to enjoy events there. These tickets were up at the top of the stadium, but were fine. Be aware that parking is $25.00

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Review from geeseherder
Red Velvet 104 events 89 reviews

Depends on your perspective:
- As regular Goldstar tickets, good seats.
- As Premier tickets and a Red Velvet member, not worth it.

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Review from geeseherder
Red Velvet 104 events 89 reviews

OK seats. Great hoops.

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Dori M.
Review from Dori M.
Red Velvet 59 events 29 reviews

Seats were better than I thought they were going to be so that was a great surprise. And of course the experience was awesome because the Clippers won!! Will buy premier seats again through Goldstar if they become available.

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Hope Willis
Review from Hope Willis
Red Velvet 42 events 28 reviews

the tickets area was not great .. i could touch the banners .. no joke ...there are no super stars on this team and we left at half time .. the game was maybe 30% full .. want go again ... but it was a good family outing for the price

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Mechell Graham
Review from Mechell Graham
Red Velvet 71 events 23 reviews

I always enjoy myself when I see the Clippers. They lost to Utah Jazz this time but it was still a spirited game. The entertainment was cool. Super Duper Kyle performed. A saxophonist for our anthem, some cool drummers , Clippers girls and we had...continued

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Review from Rosalind
Red Velvet 20 events 15 reviews

Always a wonderful evening with my Clippers and my mini me.

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carolyn karpin
Review from carolyn karpin
Red Velvet 133 events 15 reviews

I bought my tickets and paid good money for them. And, as usual, we were seated in the last section and almost the last row in that section that qualified for that price range. Goldstar states that the seats are assigned by the Staples Center,...continued

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Review from Rosalind
Red Velvet 20 events 15 reviews

Our seats were excellent as always. The service was superb and we were seated around wonderful fans. All totaling a wonderful time had by all.

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Review from Rosalind
Red Velvet 20 events 15 reviews

Our seats were great. The game was outstanding. The entire experience was awesome.

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Review from B.T.
Red Velvet 55 events 14 reviews

Enjoyed the buffet at the San Manuel Club @ $39.95 per person, drinks not included. Nice variety of foods and much better than basic stadium faire.
Arrived when doors opened and dined until start time of game. PR seats offered a decent view even...continued

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Diane Reeve
Review from Diane Reeve
Red Velvet 46 events 13 reviews

We had an amazing time ! The seats were perfect !! Our own little suite with an awesome view!! Couldn’t have been happier!!!

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Linda Walker
Review from Linda Walker
Red Velvet 25 events 10 reviews

Great game LA Clippers and the Phoenix Suns. This game was more interactive with the audience. Seats and service was fantastic!!

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Elainee Pathos Sklavenitis
Review from Elainee Pathos Sklavenitis
Red Velvet 38 events 8 reviews

Great seats and great service!

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Robert Ray Barnes
Review from Robert Ray Barnes
Red Velvet 49 events 8 reviews

Loved it! but sad they lost...

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Patricia W.
Review from Patricia W.
Red Velvet 35 events 8 reviews

The seats were great and everyone in my party thoroughly enjoyed the food service at our seats and the special attention provided by the Staple Center staff. With all of us on budgets, it's nice to enjoy luxury at a discounted price. Can't wait...continued

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Review from Stephanie
Red Velvet 29 events 3 reviews

The game is always fun. Here is my stick. I could have purchased two tickets literally one seat over for $10 cheaper directly from the clippers website. i was literally put in uppermost left corner of the premier. Next time, unless I am getting a...continued

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Denny Kepler
Review from Denny Kepler
Red Velvet 17 events 2 reviews

The closer I walked to my seats the more excited my wife and I got... They were EXCELLENT seats!
The Clippers secured Home Court Advantage with the win the night my wife and I went to the Staples Center.
It was my wife's first time to the...continued

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Arilee Baptist
Review from Arilee Baptist
Red Velvet 7 events 1 review

Always a good time at the Clippers game and the Seats were excellent!!

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