1505258715 la clippers premier seating and suites tickets
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Kristina Alise Contreras
Review from Kristina Alise Contreras
9 events 1 review

Incredible! Seats were a great view and angle, gave access to a resultant and VIP level. Definitely felt like a VIP

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John Al-Amin
Review from John Al-Amin
9 events 1 review

It was a great game; even without Anthony Davis. Great view, and good price!

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Review from Bobbi-Lee
2 events 1 review

It was AMAZING!!! The seats were incredible I was totally surprised just how VIP they were we got in really fast and had a great view of the court I would definitely go again.

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Eisele Castillo
Review from Eisele Castillo
5 events 1 review

It was an awesome game!!!

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Belizean Kid
Review from Belizean Kid
3 events 1 review

It was great experience

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Review from jgutie13
7 events 1 review

Loved it. great seats lovely experience. Will do it again.

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Jennifer P. Nguyen
Review from Jennifer P. Nguyen
1 event 1 review

Loved the fact that we didn't have to wait in line to get into the Staples Center. Great seats! Really enjoyed the first game of the season. Clippers won!!!

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Jessica Hainje
Review from Jessica Hainje
1 event 1 review

My friends and I were treated like royalty in Mr. Chang's seats. We were shocked to learn that our 30$ tickets escourted us into the VIP section at the staples center, sold out Clippers game. We had servers for food and drink at our seats and had...continued

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K sherrill
Review from K sherrill
1 event 1 review

My husband and I had an amazing time. The seating was great and the game was even better!

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Jennifer Jennings
Review from Jennifer Jennings
1 event 1 review

Perfect seats!!!

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Jasmine Terán
Review from Jasmine Terán
17 events 1 review

Premium seats were much better than expected (right below the suite boxes). Game turned out to be a nail-biter! Food service was pretty great, too!

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Shawna G
Review from Shawna G
58 events 1 review

Really fun way to watch the game. Awesome seats that were VERY comfortable and lots of leg room.

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Tim Hicks
Review from Tim Hicks
15 events 1 review

Really fun

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Jennifer Herron-Ashley
Review from Jennifer Herron-Ashley
5 events 1 review

Really good seat

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Review from Nicmorluv
2 events 1 review

Seats were great! We enjoyed the in-seat food/drink service. Very nice not having to stand in lines! Good view of the court.

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Alan Cross
Review from Alan Cross
2 events 1 review

Seats were great! Loved the easy access to snacks/drinks/desserts. Definitely the seats to get again and again.

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Maureen Lynum-Woodson
Review from Maureen Lynum-Woodson
1 event 1 review

Seats were awesome and the price was even better!!! It was a really good game.

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Review from Karenth
12 events 1 review

seats were not as advertised, they were a metal folding chair that was put out in handicapped section. absolutely unacceptable.

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Review from Michele.Alohabound
30 events 1 review

So awesome the seats we great! I wish I had bought more games!

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Avada Lee
Review from Avada Lee
6 events 1 review

Such a great deal! Loved the Premier VIP seating

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