1505258715 la clippers premier seating and suites tickets
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Kathi Younker
Review from Kathi Younker
19 events 11 reviews

Had a really great experience. Nice seats, wonderful view and good group of people.

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Review from Amber
23 events 11 reviews

Seats were awesome! Great view and convenient to restrooms and snacks. Would definitely purchase again!

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Erika Rothberg
Review from Erika Rothberg
47 events 10 reviews

As a Clippers fan, I have been to quite a few games and been seated in quite a few locations. Sitting in the Premier Seating section was such a treat and has probably spoiled me from sitting anywhere else in the Staples Center! It was so fun to...continued

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Review from Insidelucky
22 events 10 reviews

Great experience VIP!!

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Review from Insidelucky
22 events 10 reviews

Great seats!! I enjoyed myself!!

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Tobisha Sneed
Review from Tobisha Sneed
31 events 10 reviews

So much fun.

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Marcia McKeever
Review from Marcia McKeever
25 events 10 reviews

The game was great, we won! My children and I attended. It was great to see Blake back in action.
The only downside was the service. In the Premier level, they offer service at your seat. The person working in our area didn't come near us until...continued

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Review from IM2QT4U
42 events 10 reviews

The seats are excellent for the price! This was our 2nd purchase of premier seats and we will do it again.

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Jo Swan
Review from Jo Swan
23 events 10 reviews

Wow the seats were just as described. I've sat in Premier Seats before but the crowd was just so electric this game
Wonderful event.
Tip-Come early and find affordable parking $15 or less.
Many places to enjoy Happy Hour before the game.

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Review from Velma
14 events 9 reviews

Easy walk from parking lot that was two blocks away, used VIP entrance and shorter lines at the concession stand but we could have chosen chair side service and get the 'chair side special'. Temperature inside is always pleasant even though it...continued

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Review from queenb728
14 events 9 reviews

Great seats, great orice

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Review from Velma
14 events 9 reviews

This was my first time sitting in the PR section and it was great! I highly recommend it. I parked a few blocks away to get decent parking. No outside food, drinks, regular cameras or camcorders inside the Staples Center. We could have eaten...continued

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Review from Velma
14 events 9 reviews

This was our second time in this section and everything was great. The seats and chairside service was great, the crowd was into it and the concession stand lines and tables and chairs were a plus. Another plus was the VIP entrance and the...continued

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Charobey garr
Review from Charobey garr
13 events 8 reviews

So much fun, great seats! the service was speedy.

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Patricia W.
Review from Patricia W.
34 events 8 reviews

The seats were great and everyone in my party thoroughly enjoyed the food service at our seats and the special attention provided by the Staple Center staff. With all of us on budgets, it's nice to enjoy luxury at a discounted price. Can't wait...continued

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Karen Blackstone Johnson
Review from Karen Blackstone Johnson
15 events 8 reviews

We had a great time! The Staples Center is a great venue and we had great seats! Thanks GoldStar!

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Audrey Layton
Review from Audrey Layton
23 events 7 reviews

Good Seats, Loved the VIP Service

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Angelia Bedford Walker
Review from Angelia Bedford Walker
21 events 7 reviews

Seats were great! It was a nice evening out with my son

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Suzanne Flores
Review from Suzanne Flores
25 events 7 reviews

This was my 1st Clipper game & to have my seat in premier was icing on the cake for me!
Had purchased a ticket for a pre-league game w/ Memphis but was to ill to attend.

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Leslie Selder
Review from Leslie Selder
19 events 7 reviews

We aren't too familiar with Staples, and had trouble finding out seats. We missed the fact that we were supposed to go in the VIP entrance. Found someone who directed us via an interactive screen system. Skipped the food & drink experience...continued

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