1505258715 la clippers premier seating and suites tickets
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Angelia Bedford Walker
Review from Angelia Bedford Walker
23 events 7 reviews

Seats were great! It was a nice evening out with my son

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Review from Rosalyn
14 events 7 reviews

The suite itself was really nice. The view of the Clippers game was great, and there were three eating areas, a sink, and two mini-fridges. The bad part was that you had to go up and down escalators carrying your food and drinks (not convenient...continued

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Review from Rosalyn
14 events 7 reviews

The suites are always fun. This time, we went to the San Manuel buffet ($45 pp.) to eat before the game, and it was delicious--I highly recommend. The suite was full, so we had to share, but everyone was friendly. The location wasn't the best,...continued

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Suzanne Flores
Review from Suzanne Flores
25 events 7 reviews

This was my 1st Clipper game & to have my seat in premier was icing on the cake for me!
Had purchased a ticket for a pre-league game w/ Memphis but was to ill to attend.

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Leslie Selder
Review from Leslie Selder
20 events 7 reviews

We aren't too familiar with Staples, and had trouble finding out seats. We missed the fact that we were supposed to go in the VIP entrance. Found someone who directed us via an interactive screen system. Skipped the food & drink experience...continued

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Review from Rosalyn
14 events 7 reviews

We love Premier seating! The VIP entrance alone is worth the price. Our seats were well located at the corner of the court, so we could see all the slam dunks up close. Having a waiter bring our food to our seats is so much better than trying...continued

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Review from Jenae
19 events 6 reviews

Assigned seats were in the last section of premier seating, visibility could have been better. Sound was also muffled from our seat making commentary difficult to hear.

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Michèle Fortier
Review from Michèle Fortier
9 events 6 reviews

Awesome time and we had great seats! Love the Premier level.

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Maria Zarglis
Review from Maria Zarglis
8 events 6 reviews

Awesome tickets VIP service was able to avoid tne crowds and have food service at your seats it was a lot of fun, highly recommended.

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Review from Berenice
17 events 6 reviews

Ok seats, food selection sucked...

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Neal Nakagiri
Review from Neal Nakagiri
7 events 5 reviews

Attended the game with my son, Matthew. Great seats, middle of the row, so the attendant service was much appreciated. (Otherwise, would have had to climb over people to get food and drinks). Very pleasant service with a smile! Good, close...continued

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Review from Jae
39 events 5 reviews

Great seats!!! Good dining experience. Menus at seat,waiters on call..

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Review from BRBLANK
5 events 5 reviews

I took my husband for his 50th birthday to see the Lakers vs. Clippers. We sat in the Premier Seating and I don't think I will ever want to sit in the regular section again!

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Review from David
13 events 5 reviews

It was center court but the seats were so high we looked down at the catwalks over the court. Last row from the top.

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Review from Adrianne
28 events 5 reviews

The seats were great and the Clippers won!!!

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Maria Alvarado
Review from Maria Alvarado
26 events 5 reviews

Tickets were great for an unbeatable price.

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Mary B.
Review from Mary B.
7 events 5 reviews

We had amazing seats. Food and beverages were served at our seats. We dined in the San Manuel Club restaurant before the game. It was a wonderful buffet. Would do this every time I go to the game!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
16 events 4 reviews

Amazing Seats! Amazing Game! Best night out with my son!!!

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Review from Myung3112
26 events 4 reviews

Awesome experience in the VIP suite. Met great people and had great service.! Will do again

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Review from Linda
24 events 4 reviews

Excellent seats. Had a great time.

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