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Carlos Nunez
Review from Carlos Nunez
21 events 5 reviews
Claudia Trevizo
Review from Claudia Trevizo
9 events 5 reviews

My boyfriend and I had a great time. The fireworks were awesome ?

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Review from Coco27
9 events 5 reviews

Nice seats, good experience.

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John Perez
Review from John Perez
5 events 5 reviews

Of course I love it because the Dodgers got the WIN...

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Review from noonch
26 events 5 reviews

Really don't like that you have to dredge around the whole stadium to only one location to pick up your tickets. Not easy for people who are mobility challenged.

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Review from janjunay
78 events 5 reviews

The game was fun but getting the tickets was a very difficult task. You have to go to a special ticket booth to get the tickets and it was very difficult to find. We purchased the the preferred lodge tix and it was decent seating. It was in the...continued

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al mullen
Review from al mullen
33 events 5 reviews

We had a blast ! Not a huge baseball fan, I go for the hotdogs , homeruns and fireworks. We had fantastic seats at a fantastic price courtesy of Goldstar. As it turns out the game was awesome, 3 homeruns for the Dodgers, Kershaw broke some kind of...continued

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Cathy Ladman
Review from Cathy Ladman
14 events 5 reviews

We had a great time. The fireworks were beautiful, plus the Dodgers won. I was hoping that the seats would be on a lower level, but I can see that prices have gone up insanely. (A beer cost as much as $11.50)!

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Review from Brittany
20 events 5 reviews

We had a really great time! The only bummer was that the fireworks were cancelled due to the game going long.

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Cheryl Corona
Review from Cheryl Corona
18 events 4 reviews

Amazing Game , thankyou Goldstar!!

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Cherona DeMesma-Walzer
Review from Cherona DeMesma-Walzer
13 events 4 reviews

Awesome experience with the kids. Good seats and very convenient.

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Kevin O'Leary
Review from Kevin O'Leary
27 events 4 reviews

Dodgers win again!

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Shawn Turley
Review from Shawn Turley
15 events 4 reviews

Fantastic night at the ballpark!!!! Best deal out there on a Bobblehead night!!!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
5 events 4 reviews

Fun evening of baseball and fireworks. Mistakenly thought these were MVP first row which would have been fantastic. Ended up being row much higher in row O. Could have purchased better tickets cheaper on Stub hub.

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Sal Lemus
Review from Sal Lemus
7 events 4 reviews

great seats and great game. I wish you could still get the sideline boxes but awesome inner loge tickets.

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Review from Merle75
14 events 4 reviews

Great seat, lots of fun! Just too bad the Dodgers lost. :(

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Review from Oscar
13 events 4 reviews

Happy with the seats

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Mark Mastromatteo
Review from Mark Mastromatteo
7 events 4 reviews

I liked the quality of the overall experience. I didn't like how expensive the ticket were given the seat location and the fact that I didn't know my seat location until nearly the last minute (48 hours prior). Part of my discontent has to do...continued

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Bob Rimac
Review from Bob Rimac
13 events 4 reviews

It was a great evening for baseball. Although the Dodgers lost, the All You Can Eat section was wonderfully filling. Love those Dodger Dogs! I am looking forward to attending again.

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Valerie Vollmer
Review from Valerie Vollmer
19 events 4 reviews

It was easy to get the tickets at will call, but the seats were not good. While it was infield box, we sat so far back, under the upper level that it blocked our sightline and you could not see the any of the balls in the air. It was also the last...continued

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