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Leenda Dela Luna
Review from Leenda Dela Luna
Red Velvet 71 events 35 reviews

Fantastic!! I'm not into ballet at all but this was modern, fun, and easy to follow... more like an extremely enjoyable silent film.

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Review from Alonso
Red Velvet 74 events 15 reviews

Excellent aisle seats. Great performance. What a great experience.

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Roxanne Yahner
Review from Roxanne Yahner
331 events 141 reviews

This was the second time we saw this dance performance so that alone will announce how much we enjoy it! Took our 16 year old niece this time and she LOVED it.

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Review from Sev
195 events 84 reviews

Wonderful performance, with great seats at a great price!

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Irina H.
Review from Irina H.
133 events 37 reviews

Fantastic performance! Talented cast, clever decorations!! A unique take on Swan Lake!!

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Susan Fisher
Review from Susan Fisher
42 events 28 reviews

Brilliant choreography and stunning dancing. It was a joyous experience!

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Barltmans Kiss
Review from Barltmans Kiss
76 events 27 reviews

Beautiful update to the original. Thrilling with much to ponder. The animal essence of swans comes alive. The yearning for love by the Prince and lack of it from his mother make for a tragic ending. Much comic relief, especially from The...continued

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Chad and Brad
Review from Chad and Brad
82 events 22 reviews


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Susan Long Reardon
Review from Susan Long Reardon
105 events 22 reviews

Wonderfully presented!

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Review from kdog
33 events 17 reviews

Really enjoyed Swan Lake. The sets were great and the lighting superb. However NOT having a live orchestra is a sin. The tickets are pricey.

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Review from SG
30 events 16 reviews

It is my favorite rendition of the Swan Lake. Wonderful interpretation with a male cast.

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Monica Ballard
Review from Monica Ballard
35 events 14 reviews

Perhaps one of the most stunning performances I have ever attended at the Ahmanson or Dorothy Chandler. Outstanding choreography, music and story line. It's a "MUST SEE". My guest also LOVED the production!

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Tom Atha
Review from Tom Atha
31 events 13 reviews
Review from Pauljoseph
17 events 12 reviews

Brilliant, stunning updated production. Saw the original here in LA years ago and never forgot the beauty. This production is not to be missed. The precision of the dancers is amazing, the staging, the lighting, everything about this production is...continued

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Andi Ren
Review from Andi Ren
51 events 12 reviews

Do not miss this! Changes ballet forever.

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Review from hugglebugglemum
29 events 12 reviews

Loved the swans ?

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Review from Ro
27 events 12 reviews

Loved the sense of humor that infused the whole production and the great set design......as well as the superb, energetic dancing and acting, of course. !Bravo!

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Stella Matsuda
Review from Stella Matsuda
36 events 11 reviews

Not to be missed.
Great dancing, acting and choreography. I felt the emotions even more than in the original production.

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Viviane Wallick
Review from Viviane Wallick
211 events 11 reviews

This production of Swan Lake was soooo fabulous!!! Everyone was a strong dancer with breathtaking moves. An incredible evening!

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Laurie Lyons
Review from Laurie Lyons
13 events 10 reviews

Did not know what to expect. Blown away by the intensity and beauty of the production. Instead of fragile, ethereal swans, these swans evolve into powerful, but still beautiful, raptors. A magical and current re imagined Swan Lake. Not to be...continued

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