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Gaby Chazanad
Review from Gaby Chazanad
9 events 2 reviews

It was amazing! I highly recommend it!!!

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Review from Heather
2 events 2 reviews

Not exactly the traditional story, nor a traditional ballet ... it's a different experience. Beautifully theatrical, heartbreakingly sincere, and visually stunning.

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Carlos Lazaro
Review from Carlos Lazaro
18 events 2 reviews

Not sure if this is a better production than the one shown years ago. Dancers need more synchronization. Can’t they not find other qualified non-white male dancers?

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Shelley Krawchuk
Review from Shelley Krawchuk
10 events 2 reviews

Swan Lake was produced in the typical Matthew Borne style. A modern take of a classic. The dancing was very synchronized and the facial expressions and gestures well done. The costumes and stage settings beautifully constructed. At times the...continued

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James Jackson
Review from James Jackson
4 events 2 reviews

The whole all Male concept blew me away.

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Alisa Sookne
Review from Alisa Sookne
6 events 2 reviews

This is not your traditional Swan Lake. The music is the same (well, with some variations) but the story is very different. It is more about mental illness and substance abuse than love and villainy. It goes to some very dark places. Also, the...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
7 events 2 reviews

Truly spectacular! Not your usual classical ballet...
Fresh take on an old classic. Edgy, smart, funny sexy and totally memorable performance.

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Arlene Sidaris
Review from Arlene Sidaris
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Alysha Brady
Review from Alysha Brady
4 events 1 review

Absolutely loved this reimagining. The story is different. The dancing. Everything is more modern. There’s humour and beauty in every step. Don’t go in for your “typical” swan lake story. Go in for an experience...And then you won’t be...continued

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Miguel Espana
Review from Miguel Espana
2 events 1 review

Absolutely perfect. A privilege to experience!

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Joni Magee
Review from Joni Magee
3 events 1 review

Beautiful masterpiece of a classic tale with a modern twist. Absolutely loved it

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Review from Mjfo
4 events 1 review

Beyond my expectations.

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Frieda M Barna
Review from Frieda M Barna
1 event 1 review

Direction, Dancers, Acting, Decor, Music: OUTSTANDING! TERRIFIC!
Story: Good to see portrayal of a torturous romantic life of a gay person for a change, after centuries of taking this in from the straight side. Fortunately I read it before the...continued

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Peter Gould
Review from Peter Gould
1 event 1 review

Extremely enjoyable performance! A great new interpretation of a classic!

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John Chainey
Review from John Chainey
1 event 1 review

Fantastic - an incredible experience

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Michael Manuel Sanders
Review from Michael Manuel Sanders
5 events 1 review

Great seats for an amazing price. One of the best plays ever. Beautifully reimagined. The dancing was superb. The beginning and ending was such good storytelling. The whole play is magical

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lynn fliegelman
Review from lynn fliegelman
6 events 1 review

If you like dance or the Ballet this is spectacular
And shouldn’t be missed. Smart, funny, sensual, sexual, visually stunning. Male lead
Unbelievable. Run don’t walk and get seats. Bring Binoculars as you will want to see certain scenes and...continued

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Asher Yap
Review from Asher Yap
11 events 1 review

It was my first time seeing this show and I thought it was absolutely beautiful! I was in tears at the end. I need to see everybody that Matthew Bourne has directed/created now!

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Jeremy Schuster
Review from Jeremy Schuster
1 event 1 review

Loved the interpretation of this classic ballet; the mix of modern, interpretative dance with ballet kept my interest. The dancers were amazing, giving 100% from expression through movement for a fast-paced performance. The Prince, lead Black Swan...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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Loved the performance and the venue.

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