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Albert Rowuin
Review from Albert Rowuin
Red Velvet 692 events 560 reviews

The seats were awful, as the venue had almost slope or seat tiering to see the stage, especially the dance movements. Some improved their situation by basically standing throughout the show along the rails, but for those who are shorter or older,...continued

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Stephen DeCordova
Review from Stephen DeCordova
Red Velvet 97 events 63 reviews

Worst Nutcracker ever! Biggest problem was the venue: Don't ever go to the Wiltern for a dance event! Seating set-up must have been created by a graduate of the Helen Keller School for Theater Design! Stackable seats arranged 5-6 rows deep on...continued

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Review from KoKo
Red Velvet 33 events 5 reviews

Late comers in audience moving around during show, others at times obstructed views while taking pictures of performance. The show itself was pleasant.

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David Okuno
Review from David Okuno
Red Velvet 12 events 1 review

The dancers were incredible. The seats were good and the show was marvellous.

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Mary A Aria
Review from Mary A Aria
Red Velvet 31 events 1 review

The venue offered full bar for adults as well as all concessions typically offered at a movie theater. The seating in the orchestra section had a lot of free standing chairs on a largely flat area and made it hard to see over tall people sitting...continued

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Review from ronda
97 events 38 reviews

It was a magical evening! Beautifully done. Great fun for the whole family. It's odd that they didn't let people into the theatre until 7pm when our tickets said that's when the program was supposed to start, though.

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Agripina Payuyo
Review from Agripina Payuyo
94 events 38 reviews

Very good.Staff was very accommodating to my Mom. We were allowed to seat near the stage on orchestra because my Mom couldn't climb up more stairs to mezzanine.Didn't know there is no

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Review from MSS
42 events 20 reviews

Dancers were good, but the skits were too simple. Seating was cramped. Parking terrible. We left early during intermission.

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rhod dv
Review from rhod dv
96 events 17 reviews

great show. my only issue is parking, very slow and very expensive.

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Chikako Kashino
Review from Chikako Kashino
23 events 17 reviews

We loved the performance itself. One of the best Nutcrackers this year. We hated the theater though. They have only a few bathroom stools for women. And they didn't give us any signs, such as dimming the lights, to let us know the second half...continued

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Diane P. Levine
Review from Diane P. Levine
23 events 16 reviews

I'm so sorry I wasn't able to attend. I'll think twice next time about planning too far ahead during the cold and flu season-- we were too sick to go and couldn't reschedule or get a refund.

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Alan Wethern
Review from Alan Wethern
217 events 16 reviews

It was amazing!!!

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Review from SG
31 events 16 reviews

The best rendition of the Nutcracker I have seen with beautiful costumes and backdrops and exquisite dance performances.

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Vanessa Gilbert
Review from Vanessa Gilbert
35 events 16 reviews

The Wiltern folks we're AMAZING… my mother was in a wheelchair and they accommodated beautifully. THANKS WILTERN.

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Doria Krohn
Review from Doria Krohn
22 events 16 reviews

Very disappointing. They change the story and the music. The choreography was not very good the dancers were average and not used to the best of their ability

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Paul Boulet
Review from Paul Boulet
16 events 15 reviews

costuming, and music were first rate. scenery I felt they could have done a better job. Seats were exttremely uncomfortable. I paid a lot more money than most people yet my seats were in the back 1/3 of the stadium. Also Wiltern crammed as...continued

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Melissa Blohm
Review from Melissa Blohm
21 events 15 reviews

I had such a great time seeing the ballet. The dancing was beautiful as were the costumes and stage. Our tickets were amazing, on the floor. The only bad thing about that is tall people in front of you blocking the view.

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Gale Feldman
Review from Gale Feldman
24 events 13 reviews

The pros: Beautiful performance with a Russian flair. The dancing was superb - with the ballerinos given as much technical choreography at the ballerinas. The costumes were beyond spectacular and the set design was lovely. Comical fantastical...continued

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Review from Ro
24 events 12 reviews

The line for entrance for those of us with already purchased tickets was incredibly long. It took 45 minutes to get into the theater due to the security procedures, causing the show to start 1/2 hour late. My seat was initially okay because it was...continued

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Priscilla Skeen
Review from Priscilla Skeen
23 events 10 reviews

I liked it a lot with the exception of the theater having only 3 stalls in the women's restroom. All the women were complaining about that. Some of us even used the men's restroom as no one was in it. The performance itself was great!

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