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Cybil Solyn
Review from Cybil Solyn
Red Velvet 296 events 206 reviews

I saw a preview night but this seemed to be totally together. If you've seen Harry Potter on Broadway this will look and feel very familiar. I wasn't surprised to learn it had some of the same people working on it after I saw it. Very cool show...continued

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Review from gregorian
Red Velvet 26 events 10 reviews

Wonderful show. Acting, writing and staging were terrific.

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Review from kingston
Red Velvet 13 events 3 reviews

Thoroughly enjoyable evening!!

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Review from Playbillz1
223 events 159 reviews

Saw this in previews so I’m sure the play is changing and evolving, so take this with a huge grain of “wait, the version I saw suffered from none of this?” but for a piece based on one of the most fascinating New Yorker articles I’ve ever read, it...continued

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Kenn Schmidt
Review from Kenn Schmidt
112 events 85 reviews

We were very confused by this. The set, lighting and special effects were great, as was the acting (7 actors play multiple roles very effectively) and direction, but the script made no sense. It is a murder mystery with no solution! So the...continued

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Review from culvercityjill
74 events 39 reviews

The show is different and because of that I enjoyed it. It's more comedic in tone than dramatic, has a lot going on and has cool sets and the acting trope is great. I'm a Sherlockian so my perspective may be off in that I understand every...continued

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Seena Sharp
Review from Seena Sharp
36 events 25 reviews

Great story line. Fabulous production value with unusual and clever technology to create scenery and other background info. Many characters and not always easy to determine who was speaking. Inserting names more frequently into dialog would have...continued

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Sarah Bellum
Review from Sarah Bellum
357 events 24 reviews

We were amped and exited to see this and grateful there was an intermission to escape the 2nd hour. Started strong then puttered out.

So much potential. Disappointing.

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Review from Ann
21 events 18 reviews

Very fun show and super interesting since it was based on true events. The acting was phenomenal and the interviewing of the different story lines was really well done.

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Review from Margie
26 events 17 reviews

The first half was difficult to comprehend, even for my husband who is a major Sherlock Holmes fan. We were both trying not to fall asleep, and I noticed several women in line in the restroom yawning at intermission! The pace picked up in the...continued

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Anne Tiongson Dieken
Review from Anne Tiongson Dieken
19 events 10 reviews

The set design was very inventive, but the story was difficult to follow. I fell asleep in parts.

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Dave W.
Review from Dave W.
52 events 9 reviews

Creative new play in which all actors play multiple roles. Not only will you be intrigued by the mystery of who killed Richard Green, but also in the mystery of how each of the actors was able to switch costumes and roles and enter and exit the...continued

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Beth M.
Review from Beth M.
27 events 9 reviews

Such an amazing performance! Incredible cast (how do they memorize all of those lines!?), amazing set with cool techie touches, cozy setting, reasonable drink prices - my husband and I absolutely loved it and would go back in a heartbeat. 100%...continued

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Review from ymasisiht
37 events 8 reviews

such a great play! wonderful performances from the cast, cool stage design, and a fascinating story. also loved the venue, it's a really nice theatre. seats were nice too. would highly recommend!

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Review from JoJo
76 events 7 reviews

My family and I thoroughly enjoyed this play. It was so entertaining. The sets were fantastic. They were like Magical Treasures. The cast was phenomenal with all the different characters and changes in costumes. Thank you GOLDSTAR for providing...continued

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Angry Timmy
Review from Angry Timmy
25 events 6 reviews

Terrific set design, direction and acting. There is, however, NO script. Just a series of scenes, only two of which are mildly interesting, that build to nothing. Plus two hours and no intermission? C'mon guys, really?!

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Review from Eileen
21 events 5 reviews

This really original play was totally enjoyable. It has a great comic cast, very unique sets and an interesting story to tell.

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Michele Ryan
Review from Michele Ryan
10 events 4 reviews

This play was quite ambitious. I was really impressed with the special effects, the way production addressed some very interesting situations, I don’t want to give away too much here. The Play was really amazing how it integrated all the...continued

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Susan Frank
Review from Susan Frank
16 events 3 reviews

Excellent acting (though the British accents need help), fascinating staging, great story.

Theatre far too hot.

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Summer Anne Wulff
Review from Summer Anne Wulff
7 events 3 reviews

The cast is absolutely incredible. A really fun mystery that I’m still thinking about the next day!

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