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Roxanne Yahner
Review from Roxanne Yahner
Red Velvet 241 events 108 reviews

My husband is from Richmond, Virginia, as was Edgar Allen Poe, so was very familiar with his back story as there is a lot of Poe lore to be found there. He found the character in NEVERMORE authentic to Poe's time in history and to all the stories...continued

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the reflective viewer
Review from the reflective viewer
Red Velvet 109 events 103 reviews

Nevermore Indeed.

The comments on this performance are all raves. The show has been extended. It would seem sacrilege to criticize. Sometimes an iconoclast is needed.

I was looking for real insight into Poe and some new angles on his work....continued

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Review from Edward
Red Velvet 124 events 101 reviews

A real tour-de-force performance that's an amazing value even without the Goldstar discount. See it now before it goes into a bigger venue with higher prices.

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Review from hopieopie
Red Velvet 159 events 98 reviews

Overacted and not well acted

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Brenda Brubaker
Review from Brenda Brubaker
Red Velvet 164 events 88 reviews

This was an excellent one-person play. Jeffrey gave an amazing portrayal of Poe. The text of the play was taken from actual Poe letters, essays, and reviews and reports of actual appearances.

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Kathleen O'Nan
Review from Kathleen O'Nan
Red Velvet 112 events 70 reviews

When a friend told me that she'd been to see "Nevermore" twice, I knew I had to make it there. And was I ever glad that I did!
The acting was really incredible; my heart broke for Mr. Poe a dozen times that night. What a difficult and hard life...continued

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Review from GLARe
Red Velvet 100 events 66 reviews

In one word: FANTASTIC !! In two words: SUPERBLY FANTASTIC !! This one-man show by Jeffrey Combs made us more aware of the poet's success & struggles, mixed with his stories & poems. I have heard 'Tell-tale Heart' many times before as well as 'The...continued

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Review from Jessica
Red Velvet 133 events 61 reviews

Jeffrey Combs gave a phenomenal performance with outstanding attention to detail, such as dusty shoes and sipping from his flask, leaving just enough for a few drops. He showed the manic personality and the genius of Poe. His recitation of...continued

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Review from GWM
Red Velvet 129 events 56 reviews

Highly recommend! A tour de force performance. The actor is able to make you appreciate the works of Poe, even of you were not a fan of the the writer or had not read his works since high school.

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Review from Andrea
Red Velvet 95 events 56 reviews

Marvelous and well done!

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Review from nik
Red Velvet 162 events 55 reviews

Historical and interesting play. The play was unsettling at times, the drunk Poe not attractive to watch.

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Laurie D.
Review from Laurie D.
Red Velvet 246 events 45 reviews

Unbelievably well acted, and an interesting (if a tiny bit disjointed) story. Great evening!

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Tommy McLoughlin
Review from Tommy McLoughlin
Red Velvet 152 events 44 reviews

Brilliant performance. Not an easy person to do or Poe would have been done long ago. Jeffery Combs will get nominated for his acting in this.
Script & direction also superior!

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Tommy McLoughlin
Review from Tommy McLoughlin
Red Velvet 152 events 44 reviews

INCREDIBLE!!!!! My second time attending. He's AMAZING!!!

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Jeff Gardner
Review from Jeff Gardner
Red Velvet 77 events 40 reviews

Incredible performance by Jeffrey Combs. Unpredictable and the transformation is brilliant.

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David Newman
Review from David Newman
Red Velvet 97 events 36 reviews

A fantastic performance by Jeffrey Combs gives a real sense of the man and the artist. Enjoyable and enlightening one-man show.

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Natalie Ross
Review from Natalie Ross
Red Velvet 76 events 29 reviews

Jeffery Combs is marvelous! I was so engrossed that I literally jumped out of my seat in the scary sections. Every story and poem came alive. It's really too bad that he doesn't tell these stories in our classrooms. The students would be so...continued

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Scotty Keister
Review from Scotty Keister
Red Velvet 41 events 27 reviews

A mind-blowing performance by Jeffrey Combs brings Poe to life before the audience's eyes, and occasionally into their laps. A recreation of the kind of readings Poe was giving near the end of his life, Combs' portrayal is at once amusing, tragic...continued

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Brenna Bodacious
Review from Brenna Bodacious
Red Velvet 72 events 25 reviews

excruciating NEVERENDING purgatory
Mark Twain does Edgar Allan Poe

we really wanted to love it considering the reviews etc
but we didn't ;(

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Thea Rivera
Review from Thea Rivera
Red Velvet 43 events 24 reviews

I really enjoyed this show!

It's about 90 minutes with no intermission, so just make sure to take care of business before it starts. Then settle in and prepare yourself for a very intense performance by a very talented actor. You can cut the...continued

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