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Review from Yolanda
Red Velvet 91 events 14 reviews

Loved the experience. The guides were highly knowledgeable and very friendly. Clearly, much research went into this tour. I'd recommend it to anyone who's interested in Chandler and Los Angeles history. I brought a guest who had read all of...continued

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Amy C.
Review from Amy C.
127 events 53 reviews

Esotouric's Raymond Chandler's Los Angeles Bus Tour is one of their most special tours. This is my second time around for the tour, and over the years, the researchers at Esotouric unearth new material and locations in which to educate and excite...continued

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Brian O'Neill
Review from Brian O'Neill
63 events 18 reviews

Do NOT go on this tour. Nope. Don't do it. I should have listened to the other negative reviews. They were all spot on. What a frustrating waste of one of my few vacation days in LA.

There are two tour guides, a husband-wife team. The man does...continued

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Review from Monica
51 events 16 reviews

Great event! They did a great job and as an Angeleno, it was fun to see areas in downtown and Hollywood in a whole new light.

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Denise Sacks
Review from Denise Sacks
33 events 15 reviews

I really enjoyed this tour and learned a lot. The Tour Guides put in a lot of work and research and are very well versed in vintage Los Angeles and Hollywood History. There was a small glitch with the DVD Player which threw them off slightly but...continued

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Carolyn P.
Review from Carolyn P.
49 events 5 reviews

The tour was excellent, all due to the leaders of it. Richard and Kim's enthusiasm shone through as they provided a quirky, knowledgeable and fun way to explore Raymond Chandler's LA. I'm guessing that all of their tours are good.

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Deborah C.
Review from Deborah C.
21 events 5 reviews

Wonderful event, my friends and I really enjoyed it. This was my second trip with Esotouric and there was very little overlap with the prior trip. I'd go again. The only problem is one of the windows on the tour bus is damaged and you can't see...continued

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Charlie Pecoraro
Review from Charlie Pecoraro
12 events 4 reviews

Richard & Kim were knowledgeable beyond my wildest expectations, & friendly, fun, & entertaining to boot. The tour was excellent, & even included complementary gelato! Highly recommend to Chandler fans, crime novel fans, & fans of Los Angeles....continued

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Theodore P.
Review from Theodore P.
6 events 4 reviews

The first thing that my girlfriend and I noted when we got on the tour bus was that the bus's sound system. It was playing disco music. Kind of jarring. You might think that there'd be some sultry saxophone a al Chinatown, the movie. The Chandler...continued

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Nicole Jones-Dion
Review from Nicole Jones-Dion
7 events 3 reviews

A must for any fan of Raymond Chandler or LA's noir history. Great tour!

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Mary Simmons
Review from Mary Simmons
8 events 3 reviews

Fun and informative.

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Review from DB
20 events 3 reviews

The tour guides (Richard and Kim) are extremely passionate about their subject matter as evidenced by an overflow of information in combination with the usual dilemma of too little time to share. They've more than done their homework; as a matter...continued

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Review from gelatocartman
4 events 3 reviews

This is a fun and informative tour for hardcore fans and casual admirers alike. I bought this as a present after having attended the Esotouric Reyner Banham South L.A. tour in the summer. As a huge fan of L.A. history, I think Richard and Kim do...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
3 events 2 reviews

So informative and fun!

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Review from Lee
4 events 1 review

Fun and informative day. We had a really good time.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
7 events 1 review

Really a great historical trip like being back in old LA. Richard and Kim were great so informative. It made me want to take more of the trips. What a fantasic day trip.

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Review from danielle
1 event 1 review

The tour guides were really knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Raymond Chandler and his various haunts. The tour is a good primer for those with an interest in Chandler's writing and seemed to be just as engaging for the hard-core fans. I plan...continued

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Review from bciceo
15 events 1 review

To start with the positive, the guides are clearly knowledgeable about the subject matter, and this tour seems very much a labor of love. Also, the gelato stop was a delicious and unexpected treat. Unfortunately, there were lots of negatives...continued

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