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Karen Brocato
Review from Karen Brocato
Red Velvet 195 events 11 reviews

A great time.!! Food is amazing and the girls entertaining. Would definitely go back again....and who doesn't love Ross!

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Pamela Thigpen
Review from Pamela Thigpen
48 events 15 reviews

I had a ball. I even participated in a lip sync battle during intermission! Love Ross Mathews & all of the ladies!

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Review from Tia
33 events 11 reviews

It was a lot of fun but I think there should have been a little more performing. I think grabbing those dollars get in the way, do your thing and grab those dollars at the end.

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Lorna Kwan
Review from Lorna Kwan
25 events 11 reviews

So much fun! I laughed until tears came streaming down my face when Vicky Vox sang. The food was good too. Expect to spend $60 pp after food, tipping the performers, and drinks.

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Joe Harper
Review from Joe Harper
24 events 9 reviews

This event made my week. The Drag brunch was a birthday request from my daughter. She was ecstatic to take s picture with Bianca Del Rio. Ross Mathews, the producers and host was affable, accommodating and hospitable. My daughters and I were...continued

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Josie Perrone
Review from Josie Perrone
20 events 8 reviews

So much fun! Took my Mom and see loved every moment of it

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Judi Fixler
Review from Judi Fixler
23 events 7 reviews

It was fun. Lots of laughs. Just didn’t care for the “mandatory” tipping of performers. They pressure the audience to continually tip each act, each repeat time, even if you didn’t want to.

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Carol Robins
Review from Carol Robins
29 events 5 reviews

Great experience. So very much fun and food was very good.

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Review from bkbush
70 events 5 reviews

This is such a fantastic brunch experience. I've been 4 times in the past few months and I've never been disappointed. Ross isn't always there, which is fine. The drag hostesses do all the work and work it! The drag performers have been top notch...continued

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Valerie Vollmer
Review from Valerie Vollmer
19 events 4 reviews

A fun, upbeat afternoon filled with lots of laughs! The menu is not large but has a lot of variety and the food is delicious. Remember to bring some cash so you can tip the singers as they walk around the room!

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Steven Jennett
Review from Steven Jennett
18 events 4 reviews

I typically don’t review events However this show was fantastic. My Mom was visiting from CT and she said it was the highlight of her trip. It was so entertaining and all the lovely ladies were so talented. Ross did a great job hosting and the...continued

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Elizabeth Becker
Review from Elizabeth Becker
7 events 4 reviews

If you've never been to a drag show, this would be an excellent introduction to the fun. If you've been to a drag show, then you already know you're in for a great time! Talented queens and good food... What are you waiting for?

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Rafael Dominguez
Review from Rafael Dominguez
21 events 4 reviews

Ross is so personable and made a point of welcoming guests. The host was amazing she really made the show fantastic. Staff were friendly and the food was decent. A really fun outing.

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Mark Von der Heide
Review from Mark Von der Heide
10 events 3 reviews

If you're looking for glamorous, campy drag fun and good food/drinks, this is the place. Ross made the rounds in the audience to say hello before the show, followed by an opening greeting on stage, setting the tone for an inclusive and...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
7 events 3 reviews

The food is good, drinks are great,service is attentive, the setting is perfect. Oh, and the show was funtastic! As an old straight guy I loved it, great show, lots of fun

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Cecilia Yong Hi
Review from Cecilia Yong Hi
7 events 2 reviews

Funny and show was entertaining.

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Nadine Curias
Review from Nadine Curias
3 events 2 reviews

Great show and had a terrific time. Fun fun fun!

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Madison hindman
Review from Madison hindman
3 events 2 reviews

Great show - but Ross Matthews does not host this event. I'm assuming he organizes it. Jackie Beat was ,nevertheless, a fantastic stand-in for Ross. The Queens did a wonderful show. The food is pretty good, but the drinks....well.

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Dawn Halloran
Review from Dawn Halloran
2 events 2 reviews

GURRRRRRRL, what fun we had!! The show was beyond fab, all the Queens were amazing, and the food was fantastic. Don't hesitate, GO GO GO!!!

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Kathleen Latlip
Review from Kathleen Latlip
4 events 2 reviews

This is hands down the best drag show I've been to! The dancing and singing was so entertaining! I can't wait to come back and celebrate another birthday with these ladies!

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