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Kate Harmon
Review from Kate Harmon
Red Velvet 81 events 15 reviews

So so so cool. Loved this

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Rachel Detamore
Review from Rachel Detamore
72 events 15 reviews

super cool! was smaller than i expected but the quality of content made up for it. highly recommend watching the movie from start to finish in the dome room!

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Review from JoJo
50 events 14 reviews

This is really a $15 exhibit. You have to pay extra for the concert, if there is one. Though the art is beautiful, really hard to justify $30 to experience it.

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William Tran
Review from William Tran
159 events 12 reviews

It's just another Instagram / Millennial exhibit designed for like-addicts to get attention for themselves. If you're paying $10 or less, I'd say it might be worth it. But at full price, you must kidding me....

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Tiptara Plienjaroon
Review from Tiptara Plienjaroon
77 events 9 reviews

Awesome . I love it .and I went on Thursday . Not crowed at all

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Hugo Moroyoqui
Review from Hugo Moroyoqui
5 events 3 reviews

It was trippy and its hard to describe what the message was. More indepth review on my channel OC Scout.

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Yelena Zimina-Serrano
Review from Yelena Zimina-Serrano
4 events 3 reviews

My whole family, including kids, loved the experience! We would definitely go again!

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Seth Hill
Review from Seth Hill
2 events 2 reviews
Review from nikhi19
8 events 2 reviews

The exhibit isn't what I was expecting at all. There was little explanation about the art on the walls in the first dome (with the mirrors and wheels on the wall). In the VR tent, there was no one there to clean off the headsets in between...continued

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Young Kyung Kim
Review from Young Kyung Kim
3 events 1 review

A little pricey for what you get

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Gilbert Soto
Review from Gilbert Soto
13 events 1 review

incredible. enjoyed it very much

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Kristina Lee
Review from Kristina Lee
17 events 1 review

It was fun and new experience! You feel the art. It felt like you are inside the art. Also, it felt like watching 3D without 3D glasses. The Art comes out to life. There were 3 VRs. I hope there would be more VR next time. Definitely recommend it.

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Ephraim Lee
Review from Ephraim Lee
0 events 1 review

The event was beautiful! Seeing the northern lights has always been on my bucket list, so this was amazing seeing them projected onto a 360 degree surface like that. Thought it was only admission for the concert, but the concert tickets include...continued

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Review from thebluejean
41 events 1 review

We got the tickets when it was comped and still had to pay $8.50 "service fee". I think $8.50 is about the right price since the venue is pretty small. Beside the main doom showing the cool light show with the live keyboard, there wasn't much to...continued

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