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Austin Nation
Review from Austin Nation
Red Velvet 847 events 723 reviews

The shows at this venue are ALWAYS amazing! Such a super talented ensemble cast with incredible voices. Was surprised that they didn't have a male actor play Edward...but it still seemed to work.

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Mister Mitch
Review from Mister Mitch
Red Velvet 106 events 53 reviews

The cast was excellent and moving the stage to the middle of the room was great for this show.
The actresses who played Peg and Edward's mom were great as was the woman who played Scissorhands. What I liked most about her was her facial...continued

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Heidi Appe
Review from Heidi Appe
Red Velvet 174 events 34 reviews

I really give mad props to the performers, their voices and harmonies were incredible. Beyond that, I did not really enjoy it. It seemed to be a collection of songs from the last 60 years or so, that weren't connected to the movie, not necessarily...continued

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Judy Eisenberg
Review from Judy Eisenberg
164 events 129 reviews

Great performances and fantastic singing. We always enjoy the shows at the Rockwell.

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Judy Eisenberg
Review from Judy Eisenberg
164 events 129 reviews


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Review from Sev
195 events 84 reviews

A+ Great show! Wonderful performances by the entire cast.

HOWEVER, for the first time in my many visits to Rockwell, Partial View Seating was a problem. Unlike other shows here, a large majority of this performance (about 90%) happens center...continued

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David Choi
Review from David Choi
27 events 18 reviews

Food was average to ok. Show was great but due to partial viewing seat, could not see the show thoroughly. But overall it was ok

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Brian Ulm
Review from Brian Ulm
42 events 15 reviews

This was a very well done show, quite a bit more serious than some of the total farces like Jurassic Park the musical, but with creative staging, a powerful story and some really powerful singing from the talented cast. I always enjoy the...continued

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Review from Anna
70 events 14 reviews

The performance was excellent, but the venue not so much - too crowded, disorganized, uncomfortable even for the performers to constantly have to squeeze between tables.

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Jeremy K
Review from Jeremy K
293 events 13 reviews

I loved it!!

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Melanie Wilson
Review from Melanie Wilson
47 events 13 reviews

This was the fifth time I’ve gone to The Rockwell. I brought a friend and talked the experience up so much she was excited to go, but we got the worst seats. It said obstructed view, but our view was blocked! I kept getting bumped by the waiters...continued

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Lincoln Zimmanck
Review from Lincoln Zimmanck
37 events 10 reviews

Highly recommended!! All of the cast performed so well- and the concept was unique, music chosen for the live band was spot on! Loved that the performers were also in the audience- so most seats were "in the action". The only bump in the road...continued

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Review from buddywla
28 events 8 reviews

Based on the description, I was expecting original songs, hopefully inspired by the fantastic original score. Instead the music was all repurposed pop songs. The story drifted too much from the original movie. This was too "catty", tried too...continued

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Michael Guzman
Review from Michael Guzman
50 events 8 reviews

Wonderful job! Almost like the UMPO series. I was very impressed. Keep up the great work!

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Review from Daniel
39 events 6 reviews

Great show with amazing performers!

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Review from jkauffman
34 events 6 reviews

It was great. Amazing talent.

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Debbie Ann Lawrence
Review from Debbie Ann Lawrence
18 events 6 reviews

Wonderful show! Amazing cast, live music, food & service was great.
The adaptation was so touching, funny, and loveable!
Would see it again!

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Jannel Cordova Angstman
Review from Jannel Cordova Angstman
60 events 5 reviews

Absolutely loved it! It was spectacular! They also had a nice selection of fancy drinks and a few vegan gluten free options

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Laurie Johnson
Review from Laurie Johnson
26 events 5 reviews

LOVED Edward Scissorhands: A Musical Inspired by the Film at Rockwell Table and Stage!!! STRONG ensemble cast with Excellent vocals!! Emma Hunton is always a favorite!! ... and Love the Sunday Brunch and atmosphere at Rockwell... I'll be back!

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Anna Pham
Review from Anna Pham
9 events 4 reviews

Came here not knowing what to expect. So basically there is 2 drinks min or $20 min purchase. The venue has a small
Stage in the center, and basically we dined and wine while watching the show with live music. The whole act is amazing, we enjoyed...continued

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