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Review from G,H.
Red Velvet 1152 events 500 reviews

Great singing, great choreography, great costumes, great comedy. Loved it. G.H.

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Howard Mattern
Review from Howard Mattern
Red Velvet 89 events 42 reviews

I was thinking that this play would only rate a 6 or 7 on a one to ten scale but I was pleasantly surprised and would now to rate it as a 12. The talent were all great and the action never stopped. All there were full of smiles from the beginning...continued

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Gary Booher
Review from Gary Booher
341 events 309 reviews

What a rousing fun show with heart! It sings as it focuses on comedy that is pitch perfect. Characterizations are spot-on, musical voices are strong, and costumes sparkle. It builds in strength and the energy is infectious. These sisters...continued

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Deborah F.
Review from Deborah F.
76 events 41 reviews

what a great show! the performances, the music, the production -- really top notch! a small theater so it's up close and personal. the performers greeted and took photos everyone in the lobby afterwards. we would encourage everyone to see this...continued

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Review from marceLA
22 events 12 reviews

So much fun ! The cast is amazing and the main lady is fabulous !
Go see it, you wont regret it !!!!

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Review from DivaD
32 events 3 reviews

The play Sister Act was fantastic! A must see!!. Family friendly, funny, entertaining and exciting!!!

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Review from Roses
5 events 3 reviews

This was my first time to Casa 0101 and I invited a friend of mine who had never been either. Both of us were not sure what to expect and all I can say is we had the best time ever. We had so much fun, laughed and marveled at the wonderful...continued

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Review from Rosalyne
5 events 2 reviews

just a wonderful loving cast and experience

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Review from Niurkiya
5 events 2 reviews

One word AMAZING !!!!

those artists are beasts, I got the opportunity to watch many plays for decades, big productions and small ones, and this was from beginning to end so well produced, the acoustic, the sound system, the characters Oh my god...continued

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Oliana Afano
Review from Oliana Afano
11 events 2 reviews

This show was beyond amazing. I went to see Sister Act on its closing weekend and it was beyond what I'd ever expected. Great cast, intimate theater and supporting the arts in your own community was just the icing on the cake. I definitely...continued

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Lupe Zisman
Review from Lupe Zisman
8 events 1 review

Fabulous show! It was full of energy and the actors all appeared to be having a great time on stage. The show was choreographed beautifully. The musical numbers were a lot of fun to watch - I couldn't stop smiling!

There were some issues with...continued

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Cc Carrera
Review from Cc Carrera
6 events 1 review

I saw this show with a small group of friends and loved it SO much that I brought a larger group of 12 last Friday! Everyone (even the non-Catholics) had the best time! The actors and the singing are wonderful and the show itself was very well...continued

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Consuelo Moreno
Review from Consuelo Moreno
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Reginald Watkins
Review from Reginald Watkins
1 event 1 review

It was so good and fun. We had a great time. The singing and acting were on point. So glad we went.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
1 event 1 review

Sister Act the musical was outstanding. This musical has a diverse, talented cast.

I had a great time and enjoyed every moment.

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Florann Elkins
Review from Florann Elkins
2 events 1 review

The production was creative and pretty damn amazing!!! The lead, Jacquelin Lorraine was magnificent!!! EXTREMELY talented cast overall. The theatre is beautiful and spacious and a great space to to creative.

There was a very annoying and...continued

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Norka Regalado
Review from Norka Regalado
2 events 1 review

What an amazing musical!!! Brought so much love, joy and happiness to my life! The cast is incredible, so much good energy, talent and passion!!!
Highly recommended!!

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