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Victor B.
Review from Victor B.
Red Velvet 301 events 248 reviews

An interesting play superbly acted. It needed some judicious pruning. ALSO, it is another play about a dysfunctional Jewish family and gay men. It is in line with the play write's "Bad Jews" and "Significant Other."

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Rhoda Pell
Review from Rhoda Pell
Red Velvet 511 events 95 reviews


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Rachel Detamore
Review from Rachel Detamore
Red Velvet 69 events 15 reviews

Loved the play! Such a beautiful venue and the acting had me laughing the entire time. Really enjoyed the overall experience and will definitely be returning to the Geffen to see what other amazing shows are put on!

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Paul Gelb
Review from Paul Gelb
247 events 136 reviews

Clever and witty and very well acted but a little thin on plot

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Michael Burgess
Review from Michael Burgess
72 events 27 reviews

Very well acted, incredible set-design and unexpected plot lines. A great night at the theater.

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Todd Hanna
Review from Todd Hanna
36 events 24 reviews

As always the seats were great. This was a preview performance so there were some kinks to still work out. Overall, the acting was superb and funny at all the right time. I would highly suggest this play to all my friends

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Cydney Davis
Review from Cydney Davis
33 events 16 reviews

It was a very entertaining play with a stellar cast. A comedy with thought provoking insights regarding aging. I truly enjoyed myself. The Geffen Playhouse never disappoints.

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Kevin Gasner
Review from Kevin Gasner
36 events 7 reviews

Extremely well done in all respects. The story was unique, thought provoking and can hit home on different levels for many people. It follows a Jewish family. Although everyone can relate, it really hits home to people growing up in a Jewish...continued

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Rasheedah Pickett
Review from Rasheedah Pickett
12 events 6 reviews

great story line, funny, tactfully done!

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Richard Frankenstein
Review from Richard Frankenstein
6 events 5 reviews

A humorous, but serious look at a dysfunctional family with substantial challenges working through their issues. There were so many clever lines that followed each other that the audience's laughter drowned out a few! An entertaining evening...continued

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hengameh hamedani
Review from hengameh hamedani
27 events 5 reviews

It was a great experience. Loved the cast and the venue.

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Melanie Ryngler
Review from Melanie Ryngler
25 events 3 reviews

Hilarious and sad, excellent acting, loved the show

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Laura Lees
Review from Laura Lees
2 events 1 review

Flawlessly brilliant, hilarious and poignant. The audience was screaming with laughter. All the actors were superb. What Will Brittain pulls off is incredible and Eli Gelb should have his own television show. Could not have loved it more!

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Review from Margo
15 events 1 review
Sharon Carz
Review from Sharon Carz
2 events 1 review

Great play reflecting current times!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
2 events 1 review

It was a intimate theater with no bad seats. Idena was fantastic. I really didn’t know what to expect from the story, but it’s a great play with lots of surprises.

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L Jordan
Review from L Jordan
5 events 1 review

It was amazing! witty, clever, emotional and extremely funny and entertaining!!!

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Alexander Rivkin
Review from Alexander Rivkin
14 events 1 review


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