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Eddie Okada
Review from Eddie Okada
6 events 5 reviews

The event was very fun and well run. Terrific close and easy access parking, plenty of food trucks to choose from, pre show music was pretty good and movies were funny. My only negative critique might be the picture could have been a little...continued

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Review from princessmalli
6 events 5 reviews

Went to this event this past Saturday 6/9/12. I'd never been to one of these before and i must admit it was pretty fun. Definitely plan on going back. You can take your own food/ drinks even though they have food trucks. They have restrooms...continued

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Review from Renee
18 events 4 reviews

Come early for great seating. Seat yourself. Food/Dessert Trucks. 3 bands play as the movie openers. Chairs must be seated on the outer/sides of the main grass seating. The screen is visible from any angle and distance :-) the sound was great, the...continued

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Review from bj
59 events 4 reviews

easy, fun outing. but don't forget the blankets - it does get cool when the sun goes down! food trucks were a little limited with long lines, but seems they were more crowded than expected as they commented that more would be present in the future.

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Review from Aries
12 events 4 reviews

First time to go to this kind of event. Initially apprehensive about it being dog friendly (thinking dogs will be walking all over us!) but not a single bark during the movie watching. Well-behaved. Got quite lost looking for the actual place...continued

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Review from Robyn
9 events 4 reviews

Great location, and variety of food trucks!

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Review from Jazz
6 events 4 reviews

Had a great time, the only thing that was a little disturbing were the large bugs flying around once that calmed down all was well. Also the food trucks was a great idea but from looking at the lines they needed more options. Glad the site was...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
9 events 4 reviews

I keep forgetting that truck foods take forever to prep. Be strategic and scatter your friends throughout, so that you can all line up and get your foods at the same time, instead of line, after line, after line. The atmosphere was fantastic; the...continued

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Review from Svetlana
7 events 4 reviews

I think we went after the LA Weekly review, so it was really crowded. The tickets in will call were really handy. The event had everything it claimed to have and they delivered well. It was fun and summary. A great one time experience! Make sure...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
9 events 4 reviews

it was a good nite for this event the weather was good that day.. it was a great location to have event.. i liked that they had arrange for lawn chairs to be placed on outer perimeter to not block anyone's view of the screen.. i also really...continued

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Maria Elena Ramirez
Review from Maria Elena Ramirez
11 events 4 reviews

Too many last minute walk-in's that were rude and crowded around us. Besides that, it was okay.

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Cafe Pour Moi
Review from Cafe Pour Moi
15 events 4 reviews

Well organized event. Friendly staff. Very nice crowd.

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Review from dwhite
20 events 3 reviews

fun experience, first time attending RHPS

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Shannon Freyer
Review from Shannon Freyer
4 events 3 reviews

Loved this event! I'll definitely be going back.

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Review from cbsMHB
4 events 3 reviews

The food trucks were just OK. There should have been a food truck just for yummy desserts. That would have made the night great. Also, make sure to bring blankets and jackets. It gets really cold as the night goes on.

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Review from Mylunagirl
7 events 3 reviews

We all had a great time. The entertainment was great and the food was very good. The crepes from Diva'z Crepes were amazing. I would highly recommend this event and we will definitely do this again.

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Jennifer Thurston
Review from Jennifer Thurston
7 events 3 reviews

What a fun family event or night with that special someone. I did both and enjoyed reliving my 80's teen years with my teens. I'll definately return, but will bring more blankets and pillow's (Even in SoCal, nights get chilly)

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Sona Demirchyan
Review from Sona Demirchyan
10 events 2 reviews

Being able to watch a great movie outdoors is just perfect in this park. They have delicious food trucks, fun bands for entertainment, and at some events they even have costumed characters related to the movie. Its kid friendly, dog friendly, and...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
2 events 2 reviews

Fun, went unprepared, bring blankets and chairs.
Need to get there early for good seats, but then your there for like 6 hours move doesn't start till 830, we got there at 530, too long!!

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Emily Choy
Review from Emily Choy
8 events 2 reviews

Great event and venue. It was very well organized with designated seating on the lawn for ppl w/ chairs and ppl w/o. Porta potties were clean and well-lit. i would definitely go see another movie here again.

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