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Gerardo Verdugo
Review from Gerardo Verdugo
Red Velvet 21 events 3 reviews

It was one of the best time I have ever head just a bunch of people have a great great time !!!!

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Review from azwethinkweiz26
39 events 10 reviews

I did not like this event. It was practically a lounge/kickback hipster lounge on a traditional Saturday. The description said to dress up in 80's theme and nobody, other than my girlfriend and myself. Then the DJ hardly played 80's music. I...continued

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Marshall Epstein
Review from Marshall Epstein
17 events 8 reviews

radical dudes ! !

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Robert Gonzalez
Review from Robert Gonzalez
23 events 7 reviews

Great venue. The DJ lacked cohesiveness in the music he chose to play. The music could have been better.

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Rogelio Castro
Review from Rogelio Castro
22 events 7 reviews

Nice place to have a good time

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Samira Zakhor Mehdian
Review from Samira Zakhor Mehdian
36 events 5 reviews

very very good if you like 80's music....I loved it!! and so did everyone else who was with us....

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
1 event 1 review

Great music and vibe, but a bit on the smallish side indoors; dance floor was packed and very few places to sit indoors

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