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Cybil Solyn
Review from Cybil Solyn
Red Velvet 299 events 209 reviews

If you enjoyed 80's films in the Hughes era then you'll enjoy this madcap fun. In a hard to find speakeasy (go in the hotel up to floor 2) in Korea Town the For The Record team has put on a show with lots of fun and sass. Ambience is epic and the...continued

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Review from amaryllis
Red Velvet 102 events 71 reviews

I went because so many people highly recommended it; plus FTR's track record, in my experience, made it a good bet. Still, I was afraid it was going to be too juvenile for me -- but what amazing energy coming from those performers! Positively...continued

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Denise Shue
Review from Denise Shue
Red Velvet 105 events 65 reviews

Very fun show! Especially if you are a fan of John Hughes movies! I loved my drink, The Bueller Bueller! The performers are very talented! Great singing, dancing, band, and more!

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Rachael Andrews
Review from Rachael Andrews
Red Velvet 226 events 53 reviews

I had a great time at this show! It's been years since I've seen a FTR production so I was really excited to see them back in town. I really loved the way they weaved the storyline together. The tickets were listed as General Admission so we...continued

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Alexander Bordbar
Review from Alexander Bordbar
Red Velvet 22 events 9 reviews

Greece (the movie) meets Jersey Boys
Blast to the past- the year 1984, location Shermer High School, Shermer Illinois. Five students, a jock, a rebel, a brain, the dream girl and a cool tomboy (as they describe her). The story reminiscences the...continued

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David Martinez
Review from David Martinez
Red Velvet 74 events 3 reviews

Fun time and a great show.

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Kristina Roman
Review from Kristina Roman
Red Velvet 3 events 1 review

Amazing show.

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Ray Q.
Review from Ray Q.
435 events 407 reviews

It's a cool venue to host an immersive mash-up of 80s music and 80s teen movies. The cast and band were really into it, and the original mix of those stories was handled with the right balance of all the most beloved moments/lines with out trying...continued

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Review from Sev
194 events 81 reviews

What a great time! And Break Room 86 is the perfect setting for this 80's themed musical show. The cast is engaging, fun, and incredibly talented.

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Kris Nicholas
Review from Kris Nicholas
113 events 56 reviews

First time at a For The Record show - If you love John Hughes' movies, you mUST see this. The writers did an amazing job meshing all the movies together. It was fun how the crowd would sing along to all the songs.

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Review from Strivegan
100 events 20 reviews

This is an intimate theatre space and the small cast of actors and musicians did such a great job taking us back to the 80's!

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Brian Ulm
Review from Brian Ulm
42 events 15 reviews

Excellent production with incredibly talented and gorgeous cast with voices that could be on broadway. I loved the intimate setting and ambience of the bar based stage too. I highly recommend this show where can enjoy your 80s favorites tied...continued

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Jud Shelton
Review from Jud Shelton
31 events 13 reviews

This show is perfection - from the band to the singers to the energy to the venue. PERFECTION.

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Ernest W.
Review from Ernest W.
55 events 12 reviews

Great show! Loved the singing and acting. Very talented cast and band. Brush up on your 80's movies to get the full effect of the show. Well done!

There were slight technical difficulties with microphone feedback that was quickly fixed.

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Melody Maldonado
Review from Melody Maldonado
32 events 11 reviews

We arrived at 6:30 to experience the pre-party. There was no none lol but the venue is really cool. The staff was friendly. Not sure if the seats are preassigned bc we were seated in front and another couple who arrived around the same time were...continued

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Leah Forte
Review from Leah Forte
14 events 10 reviews

This show is AMAZING! The cast is crazy talented, the energy is contagious...I can't say enough. Go see this show now!

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Review from thelooker
40 events 8 reviews

Show was Fun and entertaining. U will have a fun night

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Review from knbasurto
40 events 7 reviews

If you love the 80s this is a great recap of some of your favorite movies and songs from that time. It last exactly an hour and a half. I really enjoyed it, it was funny and the performers have great voices too.

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Annie J.
Review from Annie J.
21 events 7 reviews

They sang so many of the hits and did a great job interweaving all the best parts of our favorite 80s classics. Loads of audience participation and fun!

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James Alba
Review from James Alba
20 events 6 reviews

For the Record has done it again! It's a great musical performance located in an intimate speakeasy bar. It is an experience that is uniquely LA, and a great time was had by all!

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