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Lisa Rothstein
Review from Lisa Rothstein
Red Velvet 82 events 43 reviews

An amazing deal for a very entertaining evening out! Not all the skits were as good as the best ones, but there were a lot fo laughs. Great fun.

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Review from keninla
Red Velvet 63 events 20 reviews

Comedy is the most difficult of the theatric arts. Maybe I don't have the right sense of humor for the Groundlings. Some of the audience members around me were yukking it up but I didn't really enjoy the show and ended up leaving before the end.

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Diane Ricard
Review from Diane Ricard
Red Velvet 108 events 13 reviews

Lots of fun. The skits are clever and the actors are very skilled. A must see in LA!

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Review from gotoshow
373 events 197 reviews

Some good and some not- good value and overall was fun

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Review from terry
358 events 188 reviews

Great, as always.

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Peggy Heidelberg-Dunson
Review from Peggy Heidelberg-Dunson
93 events 31 reviews

I took a girlfriend, and we had such a good time. We laughed and the seats were good. I would go again.

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Review from Patricia
46 events 25 reviews

It was the first time I had ever attended a Groundling show so I wasn't sure what to expect. Overall the show was very funny, considering that they had to make up scenarios on the spot. Some performers were better than others but overall it was a...continued

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Rick Senger
Review from Rick Senger
105 events 24 reviews

It's shorter than the first show (more like 60 minutes with no intermission vs. the former's 95 minutes with intermission), but is still mostly-hit-occasional-miss skit fun. Tonight I called out "Ark of the Covenant" and it got used but neither...continued

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Review from Paul
32 events 22 reviews

Hit and miss comics (although the material is often the real culprit), excellent band, intimate theater -- overall a nice value for a fun night out.

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Review from NL
27 events 18 reviews

It wasn't funny at all.. the performers were amateurs & not funny at all. I do not recommend it.

reviewed Aug 17 2007 report as inappropriate
Review from Patricia
59 events 18 reviews

Very funny, very talented group. Lot's of laughs!

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Komal B.
Review from Komal B.
35 events 16 reviews

a fun and different night out if you're looking for comedy but are tired of the same old stand-up shtick.

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Randall Ross
Review from Randall Ross
51 events 16 reviews

I've been to other Groundling shows and they have been much better than this one. It was just o.k. and I really wouldn't recommend this show, but I do recommend going to the other Groundlings shows.

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Karen Stevens
Review from Karen Stevens
29 events 16 reviews

Sorry, I mistakenly used the wrong link to rate this show. I would have rated it lower had I gotten the link correct. Perhaps it was a so-so night for the Groundlings. But this in not something I would attend again.

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Jennifer Yeko
Review from Jennifer Yeko
31 events 15 reviews

Great show. Anything Groundlings puts on is really funny. This was a preview of their "Yearbook" show - funny skits!

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Sabrina Nelson
Review from Sabrina Nelson
67 events 15 reviews

the groundlings are hilarious - and we'll definitely be back for more. The support staff is very pleasant and friendly as well.

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McHale Alfenix
Review from McHale Alfenix
27 events 14 reviews

1/3 hysterical. 2/3 eh! Feel like these late shows are slipping

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Review from Melissa
20 events 14 reviews

I thought this show was hilarious! Some of the skits were funnier than others, but If you want something different, fun and cheap to do on a Friday night, this is a great idea. The comedians did a great job keeping the crowd entertained. The host...continued

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Review from Melissa
20 events 14 reviews

The Groundlings never disappoint. It's a great price to see up and coming comics. Their shows are mostly improv and not really scripted, which I love. They have quite a bit of audience participation and sometimes Groundlings alum will have guest...continued

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Glen En
Review from Glen En
39 events 13 reviews

Groundlings are usually more hit than miss, and this night was pretty much all hit, thanks to scene stealing Jim, Taran, and Stephanie (the Progressive Auto Insurance girl). And Damon Jones makes for the most articulate and guy-next-door director...continued

reviewed Aug 20 2010 report as inappropriate
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