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I have always gone to the 8pm main show so I wasn't sure what to expect with the 10pm. Basically they were trying out sketches that will eventually be in the main show. I love going to the Groundlings but it's always hit or miss and this show was...continued

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Roman B.
Review from Roman B.
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If you love improv, this is it! Audience comes up with a theme and everything is acted out based on audience's input. Very fun and well organized!

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James Gennarelli
Review from James Gennarelli
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Innovative, entertaining and well worth the trip from Long Beach.

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Review from Ben
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Lame, uncreative improv.

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Jake Laufer
Review from Jake Laufer
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not as good as the longform Crazy Uncle Joe show

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Temple Salas-Yoshii
Review from Temple Salas-Yoshii
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Really enjoyed this SNL style show- very talented performers. Not as much improv as my husband likes, but I loved the sketches.

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Really funny. Liked the mix of improv and skits.

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John Morrissey
Review from John Morrissey
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This is a fun show and Goldstar makes it very affordable. It's improv so some things are great and some fall flat but the whole show moves with gusto and high spirits and the audience, including my friend and I, had a great time.

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Review from ybhamster
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This show featured off the cuff humor which was hilarious, but is only for the quick witted. The pace is so fast that a lot of people won't get the humor.

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Very funny. Had surprise appearance by kristen wiig from SNL.

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We had a great time - arrived right on time, and the show started about 5 minutes late as the door into the theater is in the front, by the stage. Seating was theater style, the band played well before and throughout the show, the...continued

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Review from k.cole
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what a great way to see the up and coming stars of SNL, and even SNL alumni. and it's so cheap, best couple bucks i eva spent.

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Shirley C.
Review from Shirley C.
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A funny mix of original sketches and improvised scenes.

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Review from USAeroCat
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As is the problem with all improv, the cast was at the mercy of its audience's suggestions. Tonight the audience was not "on", but the cast did make the most of what they were given.

As a side note, the cast would have benefitted from more of...continued

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Review from fcl
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Lina Wong
Review from Lina Wong
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Entertaining. Worth the Goldstar Price. Street Parking wasn't too bad.

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Review from TFix
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Everyone had a good time... was worth checking out.

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Review from Gene
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Tiffany Murray
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Had an amazing time at this event. It was our first time and cant wait to go again!!

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Mara Naiditch
Review from Mara Naiditch
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Hilarious and a lot of fun. The only disappointment was that it wasn't the full hour and a half they say it will be (cut about 15 mins short). But considering the deal we got on Goldstar, we didn't mind.

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