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I love the Groundlings, you can go to any show and have such a great time. I would recommend this event to anyone. It a good laugh.

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I thought it was just ok, bordering on bad. I've seen better at the Groundling theater before. Had it not been for a couple of the actors who were exceptional, we might have walked out.

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Review from Mitzi
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I used to go to the Groundling show more often in the 90's, and loved it so much then. I was SOOOO happy to go and see that it still leaves me laughing so hard I cried! Very clever and unique show. I gotta go more often....

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John Gavaldon
Review from John Gavaldon
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I've been to four GROUNDLINGS shows. This one only has two funny scenes and the rest are boring. It's also a very long show with no intermission. My advice is to stick to the 8 PM Class Reunion one-- it's HILARIOUS!

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Review from tgoldstar
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I've been to the late show a few months back and the concept was still the same except with different topics this time around. A lot of the acts were cut short and could have gone longer for it to be more entertaining. All in all, going to this...continued

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Tom Manning
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Improv Comedy that did not disapoint. The performers were creative and responsive to everything the audience and the director threw at them.

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Mel G
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It was fun and very cozy! Watch where you park.... The money I saved using Goldstar did not make up for the $ I had to put out for my parking ticket.

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Review from mtennenbaum
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Like watching SNL live and close up. The band is great, the skits clever and funny. The Groundlings are always fun to watch.

And buying through Goldstar moves you to the front of the line for seating. What a great value.

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Review from Trev
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Loved it! It was the first time for me and I'm definitely going back again. It was an all improv set. Even though the ticket says "arrive 30-45 minutes early" the line doesn't really start until about 10 minutes before

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Overall the show was good and actors were great. We definitely laughed out loud on some of the skits, but others not so much. I would go to this show again.

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Matt Renoir
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Really great sketch comedy show! Only one Improv. Show started late, but good for those running late!

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Sky Nicholas
Review from Sky Nicholas
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So much fun! Will go again and bring all my friends!

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Andrew Schnee
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so much fun.....LOVED IT!

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The show was great! Very very funny, quick-paced, and all around entertaining. I can see how it would get tiresome if you went to it often, but with all of the options at Groundlings...why would you? No big celebs the night we went, but we did...continued

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Review from GM
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This is SO funny. We had an awesome time, the show was hilarious and the theater is great. Much better than a movie or whatever else -- I highly recommend.

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Review from Archer1415
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This is the third time my girlfriend and I have gone to see this show and it was as always...AMAZING. Such a funny cast and I have yet to see anything that wasn't new or hilarious. This is a great show for any occasion and it is highly...continued

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Review from ekon
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This show is hilarious. I laughed so much, I cried. All of my friends enjoyed the show.

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Brian Kim
Review from Brian Kim
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Type and quality of humor are depending on the audience as well as the actors. Despite having a rather uncreative group throwing out suggestions, pleasantly surprised that most portions were very funny! Excellent show.

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Very funny. Improve and audience participation was fantastic.

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Review from kukid
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We think the real strength of the Groundlings is their improv. This show had featured well-developed skits and little actual improv. Like SNL on TV, the skits were hit and miss. So's the improv, for that matter, but when it hits, it smacks your...continued

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