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Review from GT
Red Velvet 101 events 84 reviews

This was the best night of improvisational comedy that I've seen recently.

Improv can be a hit-or-miss proposition depending on how witty and quick the performers are and if they're on top of their game, but the format of The Crazy Uncle Joe...continued

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Rhoda Pell
Review from Rhoda Pell
Red Velvet 482 events 79 reviews

Hilarious!a great way to spend a Wednesday nite!

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Review from Chrissy
Red Velvet 171 events 37 reviews

Great show, very funny. Eddie Izzard was a surprise guest that night (6-21-06). Get there early though, or else you might not get to sit with your group (it's a very small theater).

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David Ruth
Review from David Ruth
Red Velvet 26 events 15 reviews

It's a long-form improv, where the audience gives the members a few leads and they take them and run. This performance was particularly funny and I really enjoyed it. There were some duds in there, but most of the vignettes were hilarious.

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Review from KRKhan
Red Velvet 47 events 9 reviews

Very talented actors and so quick on their feet!

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Benett Berkowitz
Review from Benett Berkowitz
209 events 64 reviews

The show was OK. ome very clever moments, some weak moments. Very talented group! However, it would have been better if the format changed more, especially for the second half of the show! Was disappointed that no guest stars showed up! Crowded...continued

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Review from Will
105 events 36 reviews

Very funny performers. Will do again sometime.

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Sara Hassman
Review from Sara Hassman
60 events 33 reviews

I did not think the jokes were funny as they were making fun of people who possibly had a disease and other situations that I think are sad not funny.

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Review from Winnie
103 events 33 reviews

Loved it! The improv performers were fun and spontaneous. Fun night!

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Review from JT
56 events 29 reviews

Funny and very entertaining. Lots of laughs.

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Review from gonzalew
39 events 27 reviews

The show was slightly entertaining, but could have definitely been better. I did not find it very funny and thought the actors were trying too hard to make their acts funny when they were a lost cause.

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Review from Michael
36 events 26 reviews

Great time! Definitely check it out!

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Review from Michael
36 events 26 reviews

This definitely is a good night out...especially on a Wed.! The cast is quick, witty, and funny! Also, the long-form improv format is really cool! Good check it out!

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Review from Nelson
86 events 25 reviews

Just wacky and so spontaneous! Go see it!

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Review from lucas
45 events 21 reviews

Funny, but hit-and-miss (as would be expected from any improv show).

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Lisa Klein Padilla
Review from Lisa Klein Padilla
33 events 20 reviews

Funny and very creative!

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Jonny M
Review from Jonny M
45 events 19 reviews

its nice to see good improv in LA by solid, funny, intelligent comedic actors. I'm from Chicago and know The Second City quite well and this takes #1 in LA without question. I will be back.

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Andrew Paroczai
Review from Andrew Paroczai
24 events 19 reviews

This variation on improv comedy is new to me. The comedians are given a subject, from which they improvise. They continue the improvisation for 40-50 minutes. It takes them to many different places, some of the places reappearing. It is as if...continued

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Kathy Brown
Review from Kathy Brown
29 events 17 reviews

It was intimate and fun. The performers are very talented! We had a blast.

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Ellen Fleischmann
Review from Ellen Fleischmann
46 events 16 reviews

Full audience, lots of fun.

Long-form improv is demanding, and the seven actors stayed present and in-the-moment funny.

Sound system beginning and end were too loud, but small space made mics for the actors unnecessary.

Venue needs...continued

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