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Hilda Mukamal Dallal
Review from Hilda Mukamal Dallal
Red Velvet 229 events 78 reviews

Took my grandchildren. It was a very touching play. We loved it

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Krystal Parra
Review from Krystal Parra
Red Velvet 31 events 11 reviews

Short cute story. my daughter enjoyed it. Great atmosphere and very personal.

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Ray Q.
Review from Ray Q.
446 events 416 reviews

Simple and sentimental and effective: just like the book. Seeing this classic performed live on stage was a treat: the cast of three (two actors and a narrator) made the story feel even more humanly emotional than reading the the book. Some of the...continued

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Review from Tequila
414 events 61 reviews

Lovely cast. I think it needed more substance even for little ones.

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Leah Shirokoff
Review from Leah Shirokoff
66 events 45 reviews

It was a sweet play. I liked the parental tree giving - my G F felt it was sad.

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Diane Wood
Review from Diane Wood
99 events 36 reviews

Sweet little performance. I took my daughter in law and almost four year old granddaughter, who gave me the book to read immediately prior to the show. Sweet, and important story and well done,... Including the boy shooting his water-gun into the...continued

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Dianne Merryl
Review from Dianne Merryl
86 events 34 reviews

I took my 7 year old nephew, who knew the story from the book.
The set, which was the tree, was clever and creative, and the actors who portrayed the tree and the boy made it easy for children to relate to a wonderful story.
It was short, about a...continued

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Sandi Tang
Review from Sandi Tang
76 events 23 reviews

We thought The Giving Tree was beautifully presented and most important, the kids did too....we brought our 4, 6 and 7 yr old grand kids and they really enjoyed it...

We see a tremendous amount of theater (with and without the kids) and I might...continued

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P. Perry
Review from P. Perry
32 events 19 reviews

I wrote "ok" because I love the story. But the hapless attempts of the actress to dance was laughable. She should've had some choreography direction. Her moves are more like flailing of arms.

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Ellen Gordon Klein
Review from Ellen Gordon Klein
36 events 19 reviews

The play was VERY well done, and not one of those over-the-top children's theatre experiences. It's one of my favorite books, and I loved how they presented it. My only complaint: we arrived at 4:32 and the play had already started. There was no...continued

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Review from neda
54 events 14 reviews

The play was delightful. The cast managed to simply and delicately retell Shel Silverstein's famous story in manner that was beautiful and meaningful to audiences of all ages. The joy of the "Tree" was expressed through facial expression and...continued

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Raquel S.
Review from Raquel S.
34 events 12 reviews

I love the story and they were loyal 100% to it , the music-performances-dances were amazing, but it was too sad and slow for kids, I would have recommended for adults.

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Sandra Arely
Review from Sandra Arely
21 events 12 reviews

It was a very small and intimate venue, shorter than of course most plays and only 3 Cast Members :) But it's of course the cutest story! The set was also very creative :)

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Abby Mostajo
Review from Abby Mostajo
19 events 10 reviews

Our favorite bedtime story for my little man! He loved watching the story come to life. He wants to do it again. Great seats too!

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Review from O
24 events 9 reviews

We took a 4, 9, and 11 year old kids. They all loved it. Funny but the traffic was rough as expected for Friday night but just watching them enjoy and be intrigued with the actors made it worth it.

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Review from sleto
11 events 7 reviews

Adorable! Very creative and sweet. My 8 year old son gave it an "8" out of "10" - which is pretty high for him. I was expecting him to say "6" or "7" out of 10. For what it was, I'd give it a 9 out of 10. The theatre is very small but we...continued

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Leticia Anaya
Review from Leticia Anaya
21 events 7 reviews

Great experience! highly recommended.

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Review from Yolanda
18 events 7 reviews

It was a beautiful and meaningful little play. Just long enough for the kids to watch through it. Seating is comfortable and the popcorn held us until we could go to IHOP five minutes away for brunch . My grand daughters and grandsons loved it....continued

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Jessica Akhavi
Review from Jessica Akhavi
33 events 7 reviews

What a great JOB this play company did!!! It was so awesome for our kids to see this!!! I even enjoyed it as an adult. Such a good message in the play as well. Great JoB!! We can't wait to see more from this company!

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Review from BaDoo
16 events 6 reviews

Although my Granchildren are a bit older (8 & 6) than most of the other kids, they enjoyed the performance a great deal. We all three got teary from the beloved story.
Simply read and imaginatively performed, we were fully engaged the entire...continued

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