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Lucy Martinez Ruiz
Review from Lucy Martinez Ruiz
10 events 6 reviews

Really enjoyable, a new spin on a famous children's story. I love the enthusiastic woman storyteller as well as the interactions between the beautiful tree and the lively boy.

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Review from Yolanda
6 events 6 reviews

What a wonderful and intimate experience. Our kids absolutely loved the small theater atmosphere and the subtle interaction between the actors and the kids in the audience. Actors are simply wonderful and engaging as they are well-versed in The...continued

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Review from Elisa
10 events 5 reviews

Delightful little theater. Disappointing to have to wait until 10 minutes prior to be let in, but it is very small and there is no foyer. They encouraged activity from the children in the audience, even posing for photos afterwards. Lovely music....continued

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Bruce Zucker
Review from Bruce Zucker
34 events 5 reviews

Great play for the kids. Took the story and ran with it. Only about 35 minutes. Any longer would have been a bad idea.

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Review from Kandy
16 events 5 reviews

It started late and it was very short!! Also, had I purchased the ticket from the theater, I would have saved $1.50 per ticket x 8!

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Emily C.
Review from Emily C.
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My 3 yrs old enjoyed the show very much, it's a good show with good meaning. Now she always asks me to tell her the story about The Giving Tree and she still remembers the tree's body language from the show.

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Maria Lerica Gutierrez Quiloan
Review from Maria Lerica Gutierrez Quiloan
8 events 5 reviews

This was our second visit to the Little Theatre. And just like the first, we enjoyed the interactive play.

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Drew Leo
Review from Drew Leo
7 events 4 reviews

Friendly staff, good actors, decent props, good sound and lighting. It's a 50 seat local neighborhood theatre. Nice they sold dollar food items even for a short show. Everyone in my party was touched by Giving Tree performance: 4 yr, 6 yr boy,...continued

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christina m
Review from christina m
15 events 4 reviews

Got there bit early for parking. It was a Sunday so wasn't that bad, killed time at Starbucks.
Duration and story narration was perfect for small children. The actors included the kids in a moment of the story, which they enjoyed. Saw someone...continued

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Review from Jessica
8 events 4 reviews

I went with the family, husband and 2 kids, ages 4 & 5. The kids really enjoyed it. They took pictures and spoke with the actors after the show.

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Review from StarringPam
5 events 4 reviews

It was a lovely show! With lots of heart. Fun popcorn & treats too! This is a show for kids & adults of all ages. :)

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Review from Thresa
14 events 4 reviews

It was the first time I took my 7 year old to see a play. Him and his best friend loved it. I was happy that the location was small and interactive at the end.

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Laura Lynn
Review from Laura Lynn
9 events 4 reviews

The majority of the little ones in the audience were under age 7-8...there was too much dead time with the dancer and between the aging of the actor playing the boy. The narrator could have embellished a bit to help bring home the amazing message...continued

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Review from oneleaf
17 events 4 reviews

The play was fun but probably only for children 6 or below. Older children would find the play boring. The theater was very small and intimate and the actors were "good" given the small stage and very limited props.

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Ana Muresean Borresen
Review from Ana Muresean Borresen
21 events 4 reviews

The show was great! It was well acted and made an impression! Definitely recommend it!

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Ms. Tea
Review from Ms. Tea
18 events 3 reviews

Cute, but very brief play. Maybe 30 minutes total run time.

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Lisa Mundy
Review from Lisa Mundy
6 events 3 reviews

I took my girlfriend for her birthday as this is her favorite book. It was so well done. It was performed so magically. She was so happy and loved it. Would highly recommend.

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Review from Susan
12 events 3 reviews

It was more of a recital than a play. The narrator spoke more than the actors. Very disappointing.

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Review from Claudia
4 events 3 reviews

My daughter loved the play! It was a charming play. I will definitely go to other plays in the future. It was a great! :)

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Review from Westdwarf
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The adaptation, dancing, narrator, actors all, lighting plan, set design, music choices - everything came together in a fabulous kid's play that ours enjoyed as much as we did. Highly recommend for kids and their entourage, and we'll keep our eyes...continued

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