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Pole Kat
Review from Pole Kat
10 events 3 reviews

The play was very well put together, however, I wanted to purchase an additional ticket the day of, but the site said it was sold out. When the time came for the play though, more than half the seats were empty. The actor and actresses along...continued

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Review from Mike
11 events 3 reviews

The show has 2 people in it and a narrator. The people do a nice job overall but it is a very small theater and most of the show involves the person who plays the tree dancing passionately. It was a little bit weird. The show is pretty short...continued

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Nita Moran
Review from Nita Moran
11 events 3 reviews

We loved it and our granddaughter did as well! We highly recommend this play.

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Review from Peter
7 events 3 reviews

We really loved the show. Very simple set. The young lady that played the tree was very convincing as a tree:). The Theater is very comfortable. Nice padded seats. The only negative was the age old complaint about parents who can't or wont raise...continued

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German Gonzalez
Review from German Gonzalez
8 events 3 reviews

What a great performance! Genuine actors in a quaint theater and our kids loved it (ages 6 & 3). Venue is small, so don't expect a Broadway spread but the folks there do take this serious and it is evident in their body of work.

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Abi Gail
Review from Abi Gail
2 events 2 reviews

A basic theatre with no more than 50 seats. The set and play were basic but very well done. Snacks available for $2 each so it's not a rip off. Afterwards the actors took pictures with kids. My little sister really enjoyed it; it's perfect for...continued

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Bob Bunny
Review from Bob Bunny
14 events 2 reviews

Amazed that all the small children in the audience were taken in by the very abstract concept of a dancer portraying a tree. The actors were definitely capturing everyone's attention in very convincing ways.
Another review suggested we should...continued

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Allen K
Review from Allen K
3 events 2 reviews

Great for kids and adults

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Yesenia Zendejas
Review from Yesenia Zendejas
8 events 2 reviews

I went with my husband my almost 4 yr old son and my 6 years old niece. It was a nice play, nice venue, simple setting, the timing was just perfect...the only thing my son noted the actor that characterized the "boy" was kind of big to be a boy......continued

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Irene Castaneda Muneton
Review from Irene Castaneda Muneton
8 events 2 reviews

My almost 5 year old granddaughter loved it -- it was her first live play. She thanked me for taking her and wants to return to see it or another play.

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Tracy Y. Lee
Review from Tracy Y. Lee
27 events 2 reviews

My grandchildren liked it a lot!

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Elyse Imamura
Review from Elyse Imamura
23 events 2 reviews

My husband and I took my 2.5y and he really enjoyed it. It's a great intro to theatre for the toddler age. The dancing part of the show (there's quite a bit) is very underwhelming but the show is very sweet and only about 40 minutes long.

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Carlyn Usher
Review from Carlyn Usher
11 events 2 reviews

The venue is super small, but comfy. It allows for interaction with guests and lets you immerse yourself in the performances. The performance was very well done. My son and I really did enjoy it. Side note, the popcorn was so buttery and yummy...continued

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Anna Maldonado
Review from Anna Maldonado
13 events 2 reviews

This sweet play was exactly like the book. My 6 year old Son enjoyed the characters & the play itself. The play was the perfect amount of time, about 25 - 30 minutes. We would recommend this play to all families. Come early so you're able to find...continued

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Cindy Aguilar
Review from Cindy Aguilar
3 events 1 review

Absolutely Loved it!!!!!!

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Marcie Canal
Review from Marcie Canal
9 events 1 review

Beautiful performances and the intimate theater made it a wonderful experience for the kids.

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Daniel Cardoza
Review from Daniel Cardoza
2 events 1 review

Both my children (6 and 8) really loved this performance. The surprising thing to me was: so did I! Performance, venue, & people were all excellent. Will definitely return.

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Review from L Y
11 events 1 review

Great performance crew which was very family and kid friendly. My nearly 3 year old daughter loved it!!!

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Gabriela Infante
Review from Gabriela Infante
5 events 1 review

I loved the play! The actors did a very good job in portraying the boy who eventually turns into an old man and my sister and I were actually crying at the end of the play. My son is very familiar with this story since we've read it numerous...continued

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Karineh Masihi
Review from Karineh Masihi
5 events 1 review

I treated my niece, nephew and my 30 year old daughter to this charming play.

My eyes were on their facial expression at times and I could see how much they understood and enjoyed the show.
The actor and actresses played with passion.

One big...continued

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