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Tiffany Lamb
Review from Tiffany Lamb
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I wasn't sure what to expect when I saw this small venue. Not only that, I have mixed feeling about the message of the book. However, I was blown away by the performance! It put a focus of the right parts of the story and was done so well that the...continued

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Mandy Fabian
Review from Mandy Fabian
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In my opinion not great for kids...slow classical music and modern dance interpretation. The book but read super slowly. My kids were restless. It was pricey.

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Review from Yolander
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It was a cute little play that I enjoyed with my neices and newphew. I was a little afraid it may have been too young for the two oldest children 9 and 13 years old, but they said they liked it very much. It was the first of many plays I hope I...continued

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Review from Jleavens
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It was a cute show that the kids loved. A creative adaptation of a short children's book - I wasn't sure how it would translate into a play. The kids loved how the actors interacted with the audience. Was it the best? No. Will I take the kids to...continued

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Martha Duran
Review from Martha Duran
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It was a great way to represent "the Giving Tree". Loved the story teller and dancing. The story was fun to watch live. Thank you for having us! It was good for young children but great for adults. . It made me tear a bit!

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Pooja Kamdar
Review from Pooja Kamdar
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It was a wonderful show. Just the right time for a kid to be able to sit. I loved how they added a little bit on how the boy feels about his life. Absolutely must watch.

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Review from Janna
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It was ok, the location and interior of the building were not that great. It was small, maybe fit 50 people or less and the stage was probably the size of my kitchen. My son seemed to enjoy the show itself. I was expecting something different.

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Tru Tan
Review from Tru Tan
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It was okay. I wished there was 4 different backgrounds to show the audience the change in seasons. I wished there was more of a costume change to show the Boy had aged over the years. I wasn’t sure why the narrator was acting on stage. That...continued

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Anna Kim
Review from Anna Kim
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It was our first time at the Little Theatre. It's a cozy theatre and didn't look like much from the outside which made a few of us nervous standing outside waiting for the doors to open. But once we got inside we were pleasantly surprised by...continued

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Review from Jlopez
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Kids really enjoyed the live performance and that it had some interaction.

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Sharon Joung
Review from Sharon Joung
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My 5 yr old girl & her friends loved it~ It was only 30 min long so try to be on time! Even though it was small enough for all the seats to have great views, I think it would be better for little kids to seat in front to enjoy it better~

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Review from staylaye2
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My granddaughter, daughter and I enjoyed the play. We look forward to seeing other plays in the near future.

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Ruchi Garg
Review from Ruchi Garg
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Our first experience at this theatre. Such a great production in a very intimate environment. My family loved it!!

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Review from yoyo1908
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Small theatre. Actors interacted with children in the audience.

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Sylvia Gutierrez
Review from Sylvia Gutierrez
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Small theater but it was so well done .. Bring the kids to this place

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Lorie Hernández
Review from Lorie Hernández
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The first thing you see once you walk in is the creative setting of the play. The beautiful tree is located at the center of the stage with great lighting, very eye catching and set the tone for the play to come. They have a small concession...continued

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Chavez Nereida
Review from Chavez Nereida
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The performance was very well put together. The cast involved the audience and illustrated the story beautifully. The venue is small, causal with comfortable seating. Our family had a great time and we look forward to the next play!

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natali Garcia
Review from natali Garcia
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The play started a few minutes late, the place was soooo tiny, the popcorn was kind of stale. The show itself was ok, I enjoyed it but I would definitely recommend to pay a couple of bucks more and go somewhere else. I wished I would have payed less.

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Review from Dixiejenme
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This is an awesome place and my daughter loved it we will be back

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Kenda Benward
Review from Kenda Benward
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This production was mediocre at best. I bought the "last two tickets" online for what I thought was a sold out show. However, when I arrived with my daughter, there were only 10 audience members present, in a house that seats at least 50 people....continued

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