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Review from jb2000
Red Velvet 324 events 163 reviews

Great musical. Great songs by Sting, great cast, well written dialogue, fantastic set, positive message.

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Ms. N.
Review from Ms. N.
Red Velvet 140 events 48 reviews

Saw a preview, so hoping the director sees that the show needs tightening up. Cutting 10-15 minutes would be better. Also, at least one lead character needs more coaching. Otherwise I recommend the show. The graphics are wonderful.

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Review from mwolffe
Red Velvet 94 events 16 reviews

Great show

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Diana Geraghty
Review from Diana Geraghty
Red Velvet 203 events 13 reviews

It was a fantastic play. The leads had amazing voices. The choreography and the sets were great. Would of liked our seats to be a bit closer.

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Lorraine Viade
Review from Lorraine Viade
Red Velvet 50 events 12 reviews

So amazing. The music and the story perfect together and with sting steering the ship it was magic

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Roz Freeman
Review from Roz Freeman
Red Velvet 6 events 1 review

Great entertainment!

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Barbara Bresler
Review from Barbara Bresler
Red Velvet 41 events 1 review

We loved the music, the poignant story and the spectacular and creative images that brought the locations to life. Go see it!

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Geralyn M.
Review from Geralyn M.
263 events 189 reviews

Totally predictable but entertaining musical like those we grew up on. And who doesn’t want to see Sting’s new creation?!?!

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Review from hopieopie
169 events 105 reviews

Sting's microphone needed to be turned up as it was difficult to hear him at times. Not much choreography. Mostly actors standing and singing.

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Mark S.
Review from Mark S.
212 events 102 reviews

I especially enjoyed the chorus numbers and the songs presented in the second act.

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Review from Andrea
111 events 60 reviews

Wonderful ! And greatly appreciated the learning experience of the play/musical of the British Shipping industry in the 1970- 1990s. And was thrilled seeing and hearing Sting ! He is a marvelous actor and writer in addition to his superlative...continued

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Philip M.
Review from Philip M.
70 events 54 reviews

A mixed bag, but ultimately worth seeing. Despite being based on real events in the 1980s the characters are stereotypes, the plot predictable and depressing in equal measures, and some of the songs are pleasant but unmemorable. But, some of the...continued

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John S.
Review from John S.
186 events 51 reviews

After I saw the show, I read up on it and apparently it had a history where it was on Broadway, wasn't successful, but has since been drastically retooled, storylines and everything. But, what I saw really surprised me and I was pleased by the...continued

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EZ therapy
Review from EZ therapy
32 events 25 reviews

We were drawn to this play because of Sting. He’s not in his usual rocker role but of an ailing shipyard foreman leading his workers to strike against greedy management. The real principals in the play, lovers painfully separated by 17 years and...continued

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Mary Crescenzo
Review from Mary Crescenzo
57 events 17 reviews

Unfortunately, this version of this show is nothing like it's original Broadway production. Pivotal characters were missing (priest; love interest of Meg), songs and story lines were mashed together, the choreography I saw in Broadway was terribly...continued

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Lisa B.
Review from Lisa B.
24 events 17 reviews

WOW! Fabulous show! A lovely journey that made us teary. The music and lyrics are by Sting and it was wonderful to see him performing this very special work. Frances McNamee has an incredible voice. All the actors were wonderful - especially...continued

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Review from babasison
43 events 16 reviews

Enjoyed it very much. Strong message. And, the props were phenomenal. Loved the audio video component of the backdrops.

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Company of four
Review from Company of four
91 events 13 reviews

Enjoyed the show very much! Wonderful performance, voice arrangement, singing and dancing, with great songs by Sting! One of the best musicals we attended. Highly recommended

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Karla Aguirre
Review from Karla Aguirre
31 events 12 reviews

I don’t go to plays as often as I would like, so I don’t know how this compares to other current shows, but I thought the actors and sets were great. The music (by Sting) was obviously good. The story is fairly simple but enjoyable. Sting is a...continued

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Jennifer Demaree
Review from Jennifer Demaree
42 events 12 reviews

The show was amazing, absolutely nothing wrong with it. Seeing Sting perform in his own masterpiece was beautiful. However, we were placed in seats at the Ahmanson that made it so you couldn't see the heads of anyone on the high platform where...continued

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