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Review from G,H.
Red Velvet 1153 events 500 reviews

It would have been a 5 star performance could I have seen the whole stage. The way the opera was staged was different from conventional staging. Half the action took place on the stage, the other half on two platforms very high up. That half...continued

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Annette Mann
Review from Annette Mann
Red Velvet 284 events 257 reviews

I thought the animation was creative, but I felt like I was watching a movie, not a live performance. The music and singing were wonderful.

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Review from Randall
Red Velvet 333 events 131 reviews

Incredibly creative and visually stunning production. Bravo to L.A. Opera for importing this!

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Deborah Kelman
Review from Deborah Kelman
Red Velvet 22 events 2 reviews

It was so creative and unexpected! The animation was like nothing I ever witnessed before! The entire production was amazing.

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Review from hopieopie
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We had center seats in row R of the Orchestra. We could see well, but the sound was terrible. We could hear the women singing pretty well, but could not hear the men very well and could not hear the three boys at all. I enjoyed the animation,...continued

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Review from Marc
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Fantastic production! I wish LA Opera would present more of this caliber, and less of the dull traditional productions it likes to put on their stage. "The Magic Flute" and "Einstein" really saved an otherwise boring season. Also, I was pleasantly...continued

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Barltmans Kiss
Review from Barltmans Kiss
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What a great re-imagining of the Mozart's Magic Flute. This invokes a nuanced experience for our technological age that will be accessible to younger audiences. It helps one to rethink the political undertones hidden in Mozart's score and...continued

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Review from sking93311
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If you set aside the notion that opera is about the music, this was a great entertainment experience. Unique, wholly original, entirely visually engrossing, just not a production where you leave raving about the singing.

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Review from concerto
9 events 7 reviews

Great creative, opera show ever!

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Jan Munroe
Review from Jan Munroe
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L.A. Opera productions have never ceased to amaze me. Expensive, maybe, but for 3-5 hours worth of transport to another planet, well worth it!

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Review from scbollier
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Review from frankieg
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The concept was fun (putting the singers in an old b/w movie) but after 20 minutes simply exhausting. In 2D there can't be any chemistry between the singers, or between the audience and singers. Opera is supposed to be about singing! But I'm...continued

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Review from Toni
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The evening was wonderful and the seats were great! Only disappointed that there was no lecture before the opera.

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