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Nanor Avedissian
Review from Nanor Avedissian
1 event 1 review

Go see The Play That Goes Wrong at the Ahmanson Theatre... it is absolutely brilliant! It would’ve made Chaplin very proud and rolling on the floor laughing.
It’s non-stop laughter, absolute genius.
I couldn’t stop scream-laughing. A must...continued

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Goldstar member
Review from Goldstar member
Red Velvet 387 events 97 reviews

Very silly and I think most of the audience liked it, judging from their laughter. The actors didn't hold for laughs and I couldn't hear the lines which followed, which diminished my experience a bit. I found the humor getting old and not very...continued

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Rita Ruffin
Review from Rita Ruffin
Red Velvet 138 events 62 reviews

I wish more stars were available for review. The play and the actors were wonderful. This was one of the most entertaining and funniest plays I've ever seen. A must see for all....Thank you for the laughs...

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Review from jessjimmy
Red Velvet 57 events 7 reviews

Prepare for your face to hurt from all the laughing and smiling! Loved it all!

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Ruth Deutsch
Review from Ruth Deutsch
11 events 4 reviews

The TV commercial said it was a cross between Sherlock Holmes and Monty Python. I think they should have said more like Monty Python meets the Three Stooges. It was more like shlocky homes (you'd need to see it to understand that comment) and...continued

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Janie A.
Review from Janie A.
16 events 3 reviews

delightfully clever and funny. The best of English farce. Very well done.

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Lisa Hall
Review from Lisa Hall
18 events 2 reviews

What marvelous fun - an unexpected delight from start to finish. I recommend to those with an appreciation for broad humor and those who will appreciate the excellent timing required to pull off all the various stunts in this romp. Those who...continued

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Inna Vaynberg
Review from Inna Vaynberg
11 events 1 review

Play more for kids! Kind of stupid

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Chevonne Hughes
Review from Chevonne Hughes
9 events 1 review

So fun!! So funny !! Slap stick genius . Laughed the entire time .

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Geoffrey Brooks
Review from Geoffrey Brooks
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Too stupid for words for me and also someone else sitting nearby however many people absoluteloy loved it and were hooting and hollaring. Perhaps they hadn't been exposed to any farce or slapstick comedy before as this was overkill.

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