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Nanor Avedissian
Review from Nanor Avedissian
2 events 2 reviews

Go see The Play That Goes Wrong at the Ahmanson Theatre... it is absolutely brilliant! It would’ve made Chaplin very proud and rolling on the floor laughing.
It’s non-stop laughter, absolute genius.
I couldn’t stop scream-laughing. A must...continued

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Review from jb2000
Red Velvet 316 events 155 reviews

It seems to me that most people in the theater were laughing heartily, but my wife and I were not among them.
I'm a fan of slapstick and like silly British humor, but I found this play tiresome. They make the same joke over and over and over...continued

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Goldstar member
Review from Goldstar member
Red Velvet 386 events 99 reviews

Very silly and I think most of the audience liked it, judging from their laughter. The actors didn't hold for laughs and I couldn't hear the lines which followed, which diminished my experience a bit. I found the humor getting old and not very...continued

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Rita Ruffin
Review from Rita Ruffin
Red Velvet 143 events 68 reviews

I wish more stars were available for review. The play and the actors were wonderful. This was one of the most entertaining and funniest plays I've ever seen. A must see for all....Thank you for the laughs...

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Review from jessjimmy
Red Velvet 57 events 7 reviews

Prepare for your face to hurt from all the laughing and smiling! Loved it all!

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Review from vmdemoss
72 events 27 reviews

I'm not usually a fan of farce (especially the kind created by Ken Ludwig), but this show is more about spoofing the genre than participating in it...and does a masterful job of it. Excellent cast, ingenious set, clever writing and fast pace. You...continued

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Stanley M.
Review from Stanley M.
26 events 25 reviews

Enjoyable evening. Clever. Fun. A bit forced...(Carol Burnett Show did the slapstick perfectly...but this was a bit much) But the audience howled from beginning to end. Very clever set! Fun evening.

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Linda Folsom
Review from Linda Folsom
57 events 25 reviews

Light entertainment that was mostly silly but sometimes clever. Not quite up to the Drowsy Chaperone. The children in the audience seemed to be really enjoying it, so there's your audience.

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Todd Hanna
Review from Todd Hanna
35 events 24 reviews

OMG....This play is hysterical. You're drawn in even before the play starts with pre-performance things happening. The cast was amazing and the timing of things was spot on. As I was watching the play, all I could think about was all the great...continued

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Theatre Diva
Review from Theatre Diva
21 events 17 reviews

Very funny, lots of perfectly times mistakes and tons of physical comedy.

The set is the real star here. Great use I’m electric magnets

Pres-show starts at 15 minutes till curtain. Don’t miss it as the ‘crew’ try to make a few repairs before...continued

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Review from Rocio
69 events 14 reviews

What a delightful show! My group consisted of a 50-something, a 30-something and a 9 year old. All of us found it thoroughly entertaining. It's snappy and clever and silly just a joyful way to spend an evening!

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Beth M.
Review from Beth M.
28 events 9 reviews

Some parts were funny but I was mostly just waiting for it to just end. I probably would have been happier if we had paid closer to $30 a ticket, versus $90.

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Pam Felcher
Review from Pam Felcher
19 events 7 reviews

Amusing and diverting!

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Ruth Deutsch
Review from Ruth Deutsch
12 events 5 reviews

The TV commercial said it was a cross between Sherlock Holmes and Monty Python. I think they should have said more like Monty Python meets the Three Stooges. It was more like shlocky homes (you'd need to see it to understand that comment) and...continued

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Michael Rothhaar
Review from Michael Rothhaar
22 events 4 reviews

Brilliantly conceived, staged and performed!!! It does to Agatha Christie mysteries what Noises Off did to British bedroom farce! You don’t have to be on the inside of the show’s “inside baseball “ to
love this! But if you ARE in the theatre...continued

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Review from llullumss
36 events 4 reviews

Great night out . Would see it again . Great actors .

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Steve Shenefield
Review from Steve Shenefield
6 events 3 reviews

Billed as Monty Python meets Sherlock Holmes, I decided to attend last night's 8pm showing of “The Play That Goes Wrong” at the Ahmanson Theater in Downtown Los Angeles. This 1920s style murder mystery is chock full of slapstick comedy and...continued

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Janie A.
Review from Janie A.
16 events 3 reviews

delightfully clever and funny. The best of English farce. Very well done.

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Review from uz
35 events 3 reviews

Family friendly, adult savvy and especially appreciated by anyone who has followed old movies, seen a lot of shows or even done any theater. Great venue.

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Nanor Avedissian
Review from Nanor Avedissian
2 events 2 reviews

Laugh out loud from start to finish! You have to be also pretty sharp as an audience member to keep up with the fast-paced, smart, very witty, incredibly subtle jokes that are so well timed. If you don’t pay attention, you might lose a joke here...continued

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